Thursday, June 11, 2009

In Loving Memory

If you scroll down a little, you will see that I have added a tribute to Aunt Leah, Harrison, and Sophia Wagoner on my sidebar. I'd been wanting to do it for sometime, and since this morning was cloudy and everyone else is away on errands or at violin lessons, I decided to pull up the PictureIt program on the downstairs computer and work on it.

Unplanned for and unexpected, I started to cry while I put it together as I remembered those precious lives, and thought about Brian having lost his whole family in just one night. The grief of that first week came back to me, surprising me. Well, I didn't put up the tribute for no reason. I'm asking you that each time you scroll past and see their pictures on the sidebar, that you would pray for Uncle Brian, and for Aunt Leah's parents, Kenneth and Erma Flora. I will never forget seeing Aunt Erma crying on a friend's shoulder, saying, "They'll never come running through the door at my house again." Or sitting at the kitchen table and telling us of hers and Leah's plans for the garden this year, and then her saying, "But I don't seem to have the heart for it anymore." This year is going to be so hard for them all and I am asking that you would pray that God would give them strength to get through it, and that He'd continually draw them closer to Him.

Praise the Lord for the promise of His that I posted under the pictures. Isn't it wonderful that we have this hope in Him-- if we believe on Him, we will indeed live forever. And Leah, Harrison, and Sophia live on, praising and worshipping God in the glories of heaven, and waiting for all their friends and family to catch up with them in God's timing.