Monday, October 5, 2009

Morning Questions

The following is a list that Eric Liddell put together for thoughts to set your mind on Christ at the beginning of the day. I've been looking around for the notebook where I had written them and finally found it yesterday. So now I am posting them here, certain that they will encourage you as they have encouraged me. :-)

1. Have I surrendered this new day to God, and will I seek and obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit throughout its hours?

2. What have I specially to thank God for this morning?

3. Is there any sin in my life for which I should seek Christ's forgiveness and cleansing? Is there any apology or restitution to make?

4. For whom does God want me to pray this morning?

5. What bearing does this morning's Bible passage have on my life, and what does he want me to do with it?

6. What does God want me to do today and how does He want me to do it?

-From Manual for Christian Discipleship by Eric Liddell


Teddy said...

Thank's been FOREVER since you've quoted E L!!!!!!

Gabrielle Renee said...

I love those questions! I'll have to start asking myself them...


Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

Ahhh...I had read those somewhere and had written them down in my journal. Of course, that was a couple journals ago and I hadn't remembered it until now!! Very great questions to ask!!


Mama said...

I do remember you sharing those questions with me a couple years ago. A great reminder.