Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Please Pray

Dear Bloggie Friends,

Can you please, please, please be in prayer for my Uncle John. (This my mom's sister Katherine's husband, and Aunt Leah's brother.) He has been trying for YEARS, I mean YEEEEEEEEEEARS to get onto the Modesto Police Department and finally was able to get on it, and has been going through training. However, his trainer is a real pain and has been impatient with Uncle John and saying he isn't learning well and just making things very difficult. Now they have given Uncle John one week to prove himself or else he will be let go.

This means a lot of things! For one thing, that would be so terrible if after all this time of working towards this goal, Uncle John would be let go. Another thing is that Aunt Katherine would have to go back to working outside the home and Cousin Daniel would have to go to the public school instead of being homeschooled. Also, the 15th of this month will have been one year since Aunt Leah, Harrison, and Sophia died, and for Uncle John to lose his job in the same week would be very, very hard.

So please, please pray that Uncle John would be able to keep this job and do well in it and that he would experience the supernatural strength of our Lord in an amazing way this week. Also please pray that the Lord would continue to comfort him and help him as he continues to deal with the tragedy of his sister's death.

Thank you all so much!



Bethany A. said...

I'll be praying!!! If forgot about that until you posted this....thanks for reminding me!

Rosebud said...

Thanks for the reminder to pray for him.

Gabrielle Renee said...

I will be praying!!!