Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For the Sake of a Post :-)

Yes, yes, I know. I am becoming a terrible blogger! My bad!

I have been writing nearly everyday, but not on blogger. Lately my main project has been The Marquis' Daughter. In order to ward of laziness and finish my book sooner, I have set myself the goal of writing at least 500 words every day of the week but Sunday. I started this on the 7th of June and have missed my wordcount "only" three days. ;-)

500 words really isn't very much. It's only about a page plus a paragraph. Therefore, it's slow moving and even at 500 words a day, I often don't feel like I got much done. Yesterday, however, I was in an incredible writing mood. I plugged myself up to my MP3 player (Soundtracks and Writing Music folder ;-) ) and wrote almost all day! Total wordcount added? 4,576 words. :-D It was SO FUN!

But today it is cloudy and muggy and dull, and I don't have much inspiration. :-P

Here are some "just for fun" pictures of Minorca, one of the settings in The Marquis' Daughter. :-) This is where the character Mark Sayers lives at the beginning. I think I'm gonna have to go visit there... :-D

I hope to post soon some reviews on books I've recently read, as well as some of what the Lord has been teaching me lately. He has been doing some great things and showing me so much about Him, and teaching me to trust Him!



Gabrielle Renee said...

Oooo! I'll have to visit too! It is so beautiful. :) And, Melanie, you are not as bad a blogger as some! *coughs* Some people are much worse! :P

I hope to email you about "The Young Victoria" soon! I hope to finish the movie first. ;)

Love ya'

Melanie said...

LOL, Gabrielle! :-D

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about "The Young Victoria"-- it looks like it's a great movie; I hope it is! :-)

Love you too!


Teddy said...

Hey girl, fun post. I'm glad you got so much writing done...and I'm glad I'm not the only one who listens to "mood music". =-D Great pictures.

Alaina said...

Wow, it sounds like you got a lot done that day! I'm enjoying reading The Marquis' Daughter; keep it up! Oh, and those pictures are so pretty!

Bethany A. said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, those pics of Minorca are AWEEEEEESSSSSSSOOOOOOOMMMMMMMME!!!!!!!!! Put me right in the mood to read Marquis' Daughter...and watch a movie of MD. hehe...:D I sure hope it can be made into a movie someday, that would be reallly cool!! :D


Hanne-col said...

Love the pictures. Soo pretty.

Music while you write. I'm completely for that. I always do it. I listen to really sad music for sad parts, happy music for happy parts, inspiring music all the time, and than try to put myself in my characters position for reactions.

Hey, Bethany don't you wish some books were made into movies?


Rosebud said...

Gorgeousness!!!! Keep writing - finish that book! ;)