Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Blogs to Read, Part 7

"In Shirley by Charlotte Bronte, one of the heroines sits thinking to herself.  She says: 'I may have half a century of life before me.  How am I to spend it?' (Something along those lines.)  Will it be for the pursuit of human desire?  Or the sacrifice of self for a deeper, richer desire we cannot half-comprehend?  How are you to occupy the rest of your life? I’m not talking about what you’ll major in in college, or what your next job will be, or what the next step will be, but what are your mental, spiritual and emotional pursuits be?  It’s a difficult question.  It’s funny, I can’t say what I’ll do tomorrow, but I might tell you I’m going to strive for holiness the rest of my life. Spiritual things are much more certain than physical or material.  And yet it is the spiritual that is doubted, the material that’s depended upon.  God is ignored while men rely on money and their jobs to see them through everything.  And what fails them in the end?"

This is an excerpt from a recent post on Ruby's blog, Carpe Diem, in which she talks about human desire and the need for us to allow God to purify and create our desires to glorify Him.  Americans, in general, are brain dead, striving after pleasures of all kinds that fail to glorify God.  Life is "all about us" and we waste our lives chasing after things that will pass away instead of holiness and an everlasting relationship with God.  In this article, Ruby encourages her readers to put aside fleeting things and pursue God and true holiness.

Ruby is a fantastic writer.  She takes the time to think out a subject, and then communicates it in a way that challenges her readers to act upon it.  Besides posts like the one discussed above, she also has some wonderful posts in which she explores a certain aspect of a well-known classic, or sometimes she just talks about her family and daily life.   I would highly encourage you to swing over and check out her blog.  I'm sure you will enjoy what you read!

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