Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Michelle at "Pilgrim's Welcomed Home". Thank you, Michelle!  In this tag, I am to answer the questions she asked, tag eight people, and then ask eight questions of my own, which the people I tag will answer if they decide to do the tag. :-) 
This has been a very lovely, but challenging (in a good way) tag!  Michelle asked some very thought-provoking questions!  Here are my answers:

1. I have a painting in my home that immediately gets my heart to singing Sheep May Safely Graze. Is there a photo or a painting or even an object that makes you think of a song to sing? If not a song, is there a Bible verse that comes to mind?
Well actually, this picture by John Brown reminds me of that very song you mentioned.
Sheep Grazing Under Apple Blossoms
Isn't it so beautiful and peaceful?  Sheep by still waters and green pastures, a picture of God's loving care for us.  With God as our shepherd, we need never fear!
This one following makes me think of the song "Sometimes a Light Surprises".

2. If you could sit across a table with someone living today, who would it be and what one question would you ask them? Please, I beg you, no politicians.
Another hard one.  Most of the people that I don't know already whom I loved to sit across the table from and talk with are no longer living. :-(  But, I suppose it does not have to be a famous person... I would love to sit across the table from my penpal whom I've never met in person, Amanda C., and ask her... I'm not sure what, but I know we would have so much to talk about.  I think it would also be wonderful to sit across the table from someone who knew Eric Liddell or Amy Carmichael (my heroes :-) ).  I would ask them what it was like to know them, what stands out most to them in their memory, and how they impacted their lives.

3. We are studying the history of classical music at our home. If you could choose one piece of classical music, what selection would you choose, who is the composer, and why does this song have meaning to you?
I love Chopin's Raindrop Prelude; it's so beautiful and expressive.  The music sounds like it's raining and thundering.  It is my favorite piece to play on the piano.

4. What one thing in all of creation that you can see with your eyes, grips your heart and makes you stand in awe of His majesty? Why?
The ocean/lake/any large body of water, especially if the sun is setting into it.  There is something about the crashing waves, the breeze coming over the water, and the brilliant colors that seem to just sing of the majesty and creativity and power of God.  

5. Is there any one thing you are fanatical about? How do you know (has somebody told you!)?
This was a hard one, probably because I was thinking to literally.  I think I may be fanatical about American Girl-- most girls my age have given up on dolls, but I still love AG dolls and still talk to mine and play with their hair and keep up on the latest AG news.  I may also be described as "fanatical" about writing; it takes up at least an hour of every day except Sunday, and along with that comes much daydreaming about my book, falling in love with my characters, and seeing random people at the store and coming up with stories for them in my mind. :-)

6. If you could choose a season, which one is your favorite and why? Describe what it looks like outside your window today.
Definitely spring... because that is when life conquers the death of winter, new things begin to grow, and all Creation looks so happy.
Outside my window are brilliant orange and yellow leaves in the trees and on the ground, blue skies with patches of fluffy white cloud here and there, wood is stacked up and ready for winter, and smoke from our stovepipe is dissipating into the chilly air.
(Okay, I worked on this post over a period of a couple days, and right before I am posting it, it is dark and chilly outside.  But when I was writing the answer above, it was afternoon. :-) )

7. What's your favorite "just got out of bed in the morning" drink and do you have a special place you go to enjoy it?
Coffee!!!  Definitely!!  I usually just have it in my room, on the floor with my back to my bed, though if it's not too hot, I like to have my coffee and quiet time down in the basement.  

Now I will tag eight people, but if you would rather not do the tag, don't feel bad declining.

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Agh, hardly anyone who follows my blog has a blog, which is why I mentioned some friends answering in the Comments section or in any email.  I may even answer them myself. :-P  If anyone else wants to do this, consider yourself tagged. :-)

My questions for you:
1. What is one of your earliest memories of growing up?
2. How many books do you read at one time?  Do you read several books of the same genre at once, or do you include a variety of genres in your reading?
3. Have you ever been to a foreign country?  Which?  If you haven't, what country would you most like to go?
4. What is one lesson the Lord has been teaching you lately or reinforcing in you?  How has He been working in your life and making you more like Him?
5. What is your favorite movie costume, one you wouldn't mind having for yourself?  Or do you even notice movie costumes at all?  What is your favorite era for period dramas?
6. Give one Scripture reference that has been very special to you over the years, and describe why it means so much to you.
7. Would you rather live in the middle of town, in the suburbs, or in the country?  Why?  Which state would you like to live in most, if you could? 
8. Name one historical figure (missionary, politician, explorer, anyone) and one person you know who has impacted your life in an outstanding way.

Have fun!


Dani said...

Hey Melanie! Did you fairly recently publicize your blog? Because I've tried to get on before and it's been blocked. But yay, now I can lurk all I want. :)
You are a very thoughtful, sweet person, I can tell.

Melanie said...

Yes, I just publicized the blog, back in July, I believe. Thank you for visiting it and leaving me a comment! :-) Feel free to lurk as much as you want. ;-)

Bethany A. said...

Sorry I didn't see this before, I haven't been on Blogger for a few days. :P I'll do this!!

Love your answers for Michelle's questions, and I love YOUR questions which I must answer on Day by Day. ;P

Michelle said...

Hey Melanie! I am so sorry I haven't commented on this blog post until now. Last week my mind was on a bit of a respite (hence, no blogging for the week either).

Thank you for taking time to answer my questions. Wow! I loved reading your answers and look forward to seeing how your questions (great ones, by the way), are answered by your friends. I think it's a neat blogging experience!

Keep up the great work, Melanie! You are an inspiration to many as you share your heart and your passion for Christ.


Melanie said...

Thank you so much, Mrs. Boyer, for your kind words! <3