Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good Blogs to Read, Part 8

Doing It Write

I met Amber a year or two ago on the Sense and Sensibility Forum.  Our first interaction with each other was teaming together to defend the gospel of Christ in a rather interesting debate about religion.  I then began to follow her blog, then we began emailing, then we friended each other on Facebook.  The Lord has really blessed our friendship, even though we've never met in person; so many times the Lord has used her to encourage my heart or set my focus back on Him.  And besides that--  we also share a love for writing!  Not only does she like to write, but she does write, and she writes for God's glory.

Just recently Amber has started up a writing blog called Doing It Write.  Here she posts her own struggles and triumphs in her writing, reviews on helping books and websites on writing, and thoughts on how we can glorify God with our writing.   She speaks honestly and freely and brings everything back to God-- God has given us the ability to write; we should use it for His glory.  Already I have been very encouraged and challenged.

I highly recommend this blog to all my writing friends!  And even if you are not a writer, check out her other blog, The Fruit of Her Hands-- I guarantee, you will be blessed by Amber's writing!


Kelly said...

I think that's great!!!! Friends are wonderful, but our true friend is God. He will always be there. I've lost many friends over the years, but when I turn to God, He brings me new ones! One of them is you! Thank you!

Melanie said...

Thank you, Kelly! I am happy to be your friend! :-)

Hanne-col said...

I tagged you!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a really neat blog! Thanks, Melanie!

Pepper Darcy said...

hey! this is ITHILWEN from Ithilwen's Fairytale, I changed my blogger name to Pepper Darcy because that's what everyone knows me by everywhere else (ie. Narniaweb, Devenart, NaNoWriMo) etc. SO it's easier for people to know me as 'Pepper' vs. Ithiwen (who's the main character in my book :)

Sorry it took me so long to get over to your blog... You have a really interesting looking blog. And I hope I can keep up consistantly with it. My only problem: I usually use my free time to write my book or illustrate it. So blogging is not a reall big priority, and I usually don't read a lot of other people's blogs, but I'll definately *try* to keep up here!

So, you write a story? What type? I'm keeping in mind your request for a caption contest and am going to collect lots of pictures! So, hold on! :D Better go, my turn to cook super in two minutes!! :D

God Bless,
Ithilwen/Pepper Darcy

Melanie said...

Hi Pepper Darcy! :-) Thank you for your comment!

That's okay if you aren't able to keep up with my blog consistently-- I understand about blogging not being the top priority.

Yes, I am writing a novel right now-- actually, it's been around, in one form or another, for about ten years now, but I am working on what should hopefully be the last revision before publishing it. :-) It's a fictional story about pirates and privateers on the north coast of Africa during the 18th century. :-)

Thanks again for stopping by! :-)