Friday, December 3, 2010

Just a Post to Say...

...Merry Start of the Christmas Season!

"Did you say Christmas?  Is there anything under this tree for me?"

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree..."

Pictures by Bethany (and turtle property of Bethany) :-)

What are some Christ-centered ways that you celebrate Christmas?  I'd love to hear ideas.  Also, any ideas for a Christ-themed, Christmas-themed blog-post series?


Alaina said...

Usually we bake a birthday cake for Jesus, and read Luke 2 at breakfast. We TRY to send out good, solid Christmas cards, too...but those are really hard to find. :S :P

Juli said...

Well, this year we've been inspired to do a Jesse Tree. :) We talked about using a evergreen tree and having each ornament bear the name of each person in the line of Christ from Abraham all the way to Jesus, starting at the bottom of the tree and working up to the top and putting a star there w/ Jesus' name on it. We got it from a little youtube song called The Ballad of Matthew Begats. Its really cool. I don't know if we'll do it or not but Aim n i have been talking about it!

Pepper Darcy said...

Lovely pictures! :)

Lauren Nicole said...

Just keeping Christ at the center of everything and not placing worldly things above Him. He is the reason for everything :)

In Christ,