Monday, April 11, 2011

Literary Ball

Last weekend I had the lovely opportunity to attend a ball hosted by my friend Kate. The ball was literary-themed, so everyone came as a character from literature.

My character was Amy Dorrit from Charles Dickens' classic, Little Dorrit. I based my costume on one of Amy's from the BBC miniseries. It wasn't exactly like hers, but it was close. :-)

It was a lovely time of dancing and visiting, reuniting with friends and making new friends.

Eva, Kate, and me, the day after the ball. :-)

Photos by Brandon P., Patrizia F., and Christopher L.


Patrizia said...

oh, that was fun! You looked beautiful! The dress was gorgeous! Everything was perfect :)

Patrizia Ferrar

Elegance of Fashion said...

It looked fun! Everyone looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like so much fun! I love your dress!

Bethany said...

Love love love! :D

Dani said...

SO fun! That's a brilliant idea and I'm sure it was a blast. :) Nothing quite as fun as dressing up in costume!

Lian said...

Thank you for sharing Melanie! You know I am a fan of Jane Austen and Dickens (some of the stories that is, although haven't read all his works yet- hope to as time allows :-) ) I think your dress is similar to the one in the movie as far as I can tell. You even get the colour correct as far as I can see! I am glad you get to enjoy yourself and if I were younger, I think I certainly would have jumped right in and go to the ball with you as well! ;-)