Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update on Life

I continue to be very neglectful of my poor blog here.  I'm not even sure what to write about, presently, so I'll just give a quick update on life.

Most of you know, my buddy and older sister, Amanda, is getting married in June (WOOOHOOOOO!!!) and I have been commissioned to make three out of the five bridesmaid dresses.  They are made of cornflower blue satin, using McCalls 4491 (views B and C).  I am half-way through the first one (Bethany's) and having a blast.  Amanda and Alex have been busy planning, and bridal showers are right around the corner.  It's so wierd--but totally exciting!! :-D

I'm in the process of purchasing a new "model" for my Etsy shop.... Miss Esther Elizabeth, named after Esther Moore, one of the heroines in MD (and sequels). Unfortunately, with all the wedding sewing I have to do, I don't have time to work on any new doll outfits for the shop right now.  I do have lots in the planning, though. ;-)
Speaking of MD, I've been slowly working on editing it, but more importantly, I've been figuring out the details for the two other books in the trilogy.  In my searching to know my character's better, I found out an astonishing truth: that... well, somebody I thought was dead (can't say who ;-) ), actually isn't dead, and has been popping up throughout the story already, under a pseudonym, and I didn't even know it was...well, who it is ;-) .  So that's been exciting.  I also figured out, with the help of my writing buddy/editor Emily, more piratey names for the two main pirate villains and their ships.  This has been helping me get a better understanding of their personalities, which is very helpful (obviously ;-) ).    Earlier this week I was able to get together with my writing buddies, Emily, Matthew, and Mark, and get in an awesome writers chat... they were able to give some great ideas for MD and sequels, and it was just fun talking my stories and hearing about theirs.  Writers chats are the best. ;-)

Last week my mom and I went to the mall and I got my hair cut and styled.  I'm really excited.... I like it a lot.  It feels much more grown-up.  It also looks a bit like Rapunzel's at the end of Tangled when I blow-dry and flat-iron it the right way.. ;-) (I'm working on it. ;-) )

This next week I'll be going out of town to stay for a week or two with my friend Megan, who just had her first baby and needs help around the house and such.  I'm very excited about that!  It'll be a whole new experience for me.  Please pray that I will be a help, not an in-the-way guest, and that I can help lighten her load as she and her husband take on this new adventure in their lives. :-)

I haven't been keeping to a "Bible-reading schedule" lately... it's been in my mind lately that I too often look at the Bible as an assignment, at reading it as something I "ought to do", rather than taking joy in drinking in its words-- however much I need for the moment-- and dwelling on it and seeing Jesus in its pages, and through Him, the Father.  So instead lately I've been taking my Bible reading in little bits and purposefully looking for Jesus in what I read: what is He like, what did He do, what does this mean for me?  Because Jesus represents the Father and is one with the Father, what does His life and ways tell me about the Father?  I'm reading in John presently, but have always been parked in Romans 8 and Isaiah 40, chapters that speak specifically to needs in my heart right now.

And in case you are wondering, India is still much in my mind and on my heart, and I am praying about visiting a Christian children's home there...eventually (not sure when, especially with all the busyness going on right now).  Until then, I'm planning to set aside 20% of each of my Etsy sales for the children's home (though I haven't been getting any sales lately, so, I'm not sure if that means anything or not right now! :-P )  But yes....please keep praying that I would know God's will concerning me and work in India: part time, full time, at all?  Present there, or ministering from here?  And when, how, where?  Please pray that God would show me His will in His time and that I would follow it.

Okay, so, that's what's going on!  Do you feel updated? :-)  I really don't know how much I'll be posting in the near future... it will probably continue to be very sporadic.  But please do comment.  I love comments.  I am still here, just not always posting. :-)

*waves* :-D


Patrizia said...

WOW! Lots of neat stiffu, Melanie! Im so very happy for all of you! You are an excellent seamstress & Im sure the gowns will be lovely. Cant wait for photos!!!!

Ill be praying about India for you also. Neat! So much going on!

As soon as our craziness is done here with the girls going out of town, we will have you for a visit. I know you are busy with the wedding and all. All in Gods timing, yes?????

Anonymous said...

So exciting! My best friend just recently got married and is moving to NC! I'll miss her, but she'll keep in contact with blogger and email, so yeah :)
I love reading your blogs!

teri said...

Melanie -I love the haircut - it really shows off your eyes :-)
It was great to visit with you when you were over!

Teddy said...

Good to hear from you!