Tuesday, December 30, 2008


In my heart lay fears and doubts and hopes,
Hidden deep, yet always brewing there,
Through the days and nights they lurk, unmoved,
Weighing down, the ever-present care,

Deep inside, unable to be reached,
Clouding vision, yet immune to light.
Though I seek to pray, no words I find
Worthy to express my spirit’s night.

Myst’ries like a hidden precious gem
Cannot in the words of man be mined.
How to bring them to You I know not,
How to word my prayer I cannot find.

Yet You made the sea and sky and land;
Mines of gold do not escape your eye.
Center of the earth You know as well
As the trees and mountains in our view.

Therefore, if this knowledge be in You,
Surely You do know my secret heart,
All the fears and doubts that lie within,
When to find the words I cannot start.

How to pray I find that I know not,
But when prayers are far too deep to word,
Up above the Spirit prays for me;
Then my wordless prayers by God are heard.

Spirit, intercessing there for me,
Knowing all my inmost hidden fears,
Taking wordless prayers I cannot pray;
(Pouring out in streams of silent tears),

You do intercede for sinful man,
Plead his case, forgive iniquity.
Thank You for Your dear and precious work,
Hope in Christ, and bless’d tranquility.


stephanie12 said...

That is soooo good, Melanie!!! I feel alot like that at times too. Good poem!:-D

Rosebud said...

I remember proofreading that one. =) I'm glad you can put your poems on here again!

Ana said...

Beautiful! Wonderful ... I truly needed this, thank you for being sensitive to the Spirit and recording just the right words.