Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scripture Pictures

These are some pictures that I fiddled with on What do you think? :-D




Hanne-col said...

Ooh I like them! Mind if I use some?

Gabrielle Renee said...

I love those pictures! Is Picnik a nice photo editing site? I am really looking for a nice photo editing place.


Melanie said...

You are welcome to use the pictures on your blogs. :-)

Yes, Picnik is a photo editing site: You can do a lot of stuff for free, but some of the special effects you need to pay for (but the price is pretty reasonable.) I'm thinking actually about buying the Premium so I can do more with my pictures...

Anonymous said...

Those are neat, Melanie!

Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

These. Are. Beautiful.

!! Love then!!

Does Picnik have all those ads like Photobucket does??? Because I'd really like to use a free photo editing site, but I've only heard of Photobucket(until now. lol) and I was horrified by their ads! Sheesh! Let's show a little propriety, people! lol

Anyhow, lovely job, m'dear!

{{HUGS}} I miss chatting with you on gmail!! =(

Melanie said...

Hi Toria!

No, Picnik does NOT have ads like Photobucket does, and has a LOT MORE that you can do with the pictures. Just one at the top that are NOT like Photobucket's (I can't remember any offensive ones on Picnik.)

I miss chatting with you too! I haven't had as much time for chatting lately and so a lot of the times I appear as offline on gmail if I am just checking my email real quick, or whatever. :-) Hopefully we can chat soon. :-)

Teddy said...

OH MELANIE!!! They are all sooooo beautiful!!! My very favorite (!!!!!!!!!!) is the new "Complete in Thee" pic at the top-it's AWESOME!!!! The one w/ you and the purity one are also favorite. :) I'm going to have to use that sight-it looks really cool!

Bethany A. said...

Those verses and my pictures go perfectly!!! I love them!!!!

Rosebud said...

Very nice!

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