Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Rules: Copy and paste to your own post, erase my answers and fill in your own (ONLY ONE WORD ANSWERS!), and tag 5 people.

I was tagged by Leah.

When is your birthday? February
What color are your eyes? hazel
What is your favorite food? Italian
What are you wearing right now? homemade
What aren't you wearing? coat
Your mother? beloved
Your father? recovering
Your favorite drink? coffee
Your pets? meow
Your friends? encouraging
Your hobby? writing
The one place you go over and over? bookshelf
Right or left-handed? right
Your hair? disobedient
Sports? backyard
If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? Indiana
Where do you see yourself in 6 years? bookstores
Movies? Austen
Your favorite book? unidentifiable
Who do you think will respond? uh...

I tag anyone who wishes to and do not tag any one who does not wish to! (Sometimes people would rather not be tagged, so I'm just leaving this open to whoever does so I don't get in trouble! :-P )


Rosebud said...

Imagining yourself in a bookstore just cracked me up! =) I'm taking the tag...

Anderson Family said...

I'll do it!!:D

Melanie said...

Oh, Amanda, what I meant about being in a bookstore was that I'd have books published and they'd be on the racks at the bookstores. But I only could use one word, so that's what I said. :-)