Friday, March 27, 2009

To the Trembling Warrior

This is no battle against flesh and blood--
This is a fight against th' approaching flood:
Rulers, authorities, pow'rs of this world,
Spiritual forces, their fiery darts hurled;
Grasping and clenching, and blinding men's eyes--
Righteousness, judgment, they fully despise.
Ready for battle to slaughter are they;
Ready to fight 'til the end of the day.

Here you are trembling-- you're but flesh and blood,
Made of the dirt, yet you're feeling like mud.
Frightened and fainting, you think you can't stand,
Holding your sword with a trembling hand.
Look to the sky, fearful warrior, and see
He who has been from all eternity.
Don His own armor and go in His might!
Vict'ry is yours; you can go forth to fight!

Truth is your belt, fastened on, setting free,
Righteousness giv'n by the Man on the Tree.
Shod with the Gospel of God's perfect peace,
With it you run 'til the battle should cease.
When satan hurls flaming arrows of doubt,
Take up the shield of faith with a glad shout.
Clad with salvation and wielding God's Word,
Praying at all times with the faith that you're heard.

Covered with armor not made by men's hands,
But by the One who clothed heavenly bands,
Earth and the sea and the moon and the sun--
Clothed in His strength, you have already won.
Fghting the battle is so you'll perceive
What He can do when you only believe.
Giants will fall and you'll conquer the foe,
When in the might of the Victor you go.


Alaina said...

What a good poem, Melanie! It flows really well, and has a strong message. Thank you for sharing!

Rosebud said...

Melanie, did you write that??????? I defy even Sir William Lucas himself could produce such a "masterpeace". ;-) Truly, that was GOOD.

Melanie said...

Amanda, yes, I did. I take delight in writing down and arranging such little rhymes that are always acceptable to readers... :-)
Now, at Rosings Park....

Anderson family said...

great poem, Melanie!!

Ana said...

Wonderfully done Melanie.

juli said...

WOW you wrote that????!! Amazing! Thanks for putting it on!

BTW when are you going to invite us to your inkblots blog or whatever it is called????? :)
Be good now!