Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Blogs to Read, Part 5

Ana's Corner

I happened upon this corner two summers ago when I googled the name of Betty Stam to try to find some quotes by her. One of the results came up as a post on this blog called Ana's Corner. I decided to check it out, and having copied the quote, decided to check out this girl's blog some more. As I did so, I found that she was a Christian girl-- not just a "Christian" by name, but a real, sincere, beautiful Christian girl with a passion to honor the Lord in all that she does. This is awesome, I thought! And I left her a comment. Since then, I've not only followed her and her sister's blogs but have gotten to know them quite well! :-)

Ana doesn't post very much anymore, but her blog is full of wonderful posts ever since November of 2006. Ana definitely has an eye for beauty and captures the sweet and simple moments delightfully. She shares things that she does with her family and her little niece Greta. My favorite posts of hers are her thoughts on what the Lord has been teaching her, and her encouragement, especially for other single young ladies. She wrote a particularly good series called "Single for Valentine's Day?" which will definitely encourage those of you who find Valentine's Day a more depressing holiday than anything else! I highly encourage you to swing by Ana's blog. You will be blessed, as I have!

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Ana said...

You SWEET THING!!! :) You made my day! :) Thank you!