Thursday, February 4, 2010


Rebecca Tatiana Androvich!
No, that is not her name according to the book. I wanted to give her my own name to keep her separate from the other Rebeccas I know, so I gave her a Russian middle name and a Russian surname, which is similar to Anderson. (If I remember correctly, names ending with vich (Petrovich, Androvich, etc.) mean "son and so".) I don't know if Androvich is a real Russian last name but it will do me! :-)

I am feeling extremely impressed!! I called on Tuesday to request a replacement, and they said she would arrive in four to six business days! This is Thursday!!! She came in two days!!! Talk about prompt!! I am very impressed with American Girl's Costumer Service!!

Tatiana is now sitting with her new sister (Kirsten) and cousin (Samantha) on my bed and as soon as I get my return slip, I will be sending the other Rebecca back. I am SO EXCITED! :-D

Oh yeah, and her head is on centered this time! :-D


Teddy said...

OH how fun! I love her name and as soon as I read it I was like, 'huh, that kinda sounds like "Anderson"'! lol

Melanie said...


Gabrielle Renee said...

Oh, I am glad you were able to get her replaced so soon!

Rosebud said...

Yay! :D