Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Blogs to Read, Part 6

Isn't it so exciting when you find a blog in which just about every post stands out to you and tells you something you really need to hear?

One blog that has recently encouraged me through several posts is

A Writer's Blog

This blog is authored by Chelsea Peterson, a sweet young lady with a contagious love for the Lord.  She also runs a site called Perfecting 113, a site for young ladies (the site is currently under construction).
Her posts are often short (not lengthy ones with huge paragraphs that are daunting before you read them) and very to-the-point, telling you exactly what you need to hear.  Today's was on Listening, and how God sometimes must take distractions out of our lives so that we will listen to Him.   Now and then, she will also post about life and family, or about the book she is writing-- these posts are also very enjoyable to read.

I highly encourage you to check out Chelsea's blog and follow it.  I assure you, you will be blessed.

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