Thursday, July 1, 2010

Movie Quote Game

Here are the rules:

1. Pick 20 of your favorite movies.

2. Go to and find a quote from each movie.

3. Post them for everyone to guess.

4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.

5. NO cheating.

1.  "Ah yes, you're just like me!  Never less alone than when alone, as... one of our great authors has so justly expressed it!"   Wives and Daughters, guessed by Hanne-Col

2. Character #1: "No one of our age has ever taken power."
Character #2: "Which is why we're too young to realize certain things are impossible. Which is why we will do them anyway." Amazing Grace, guessed by Teddy and Hanne-Col

3.  "Go, confront the problem.  Fight!  Win!  And call me when you get back, darling,  I enjoy our visits." The Incredibles, guessed by Mama

4. Character #1: "Oh dear!"
Character #2: "What?"
Character #1: "What--oh-- oh!  Something about the deer we need for... the... venison stew!"  Emma, guessed by Teddy

5. Character #1: "I bet you've got a lot of mice in here."
Character #2: "Sir, a mouse is no more permitted in here than a man without a car!" That Darn Cat, guessed by Teddy

6. "I want something new!  I want something fresh!  I want something real!  Don't sugercoat your stories, boys. This is the Cincinnati register, a beacon of cold, clear light in a sea of sentimental flop!" Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, guessed by Teddy

7. "I tried to forget you.  I thought I had." Persuasion, guessed by Mama

8. "If you cannot think of anything appropriate to say you will please restrict your remarks to the weather." Sense and Sensibility, guessed by Lilly

9. Character #1: "What if them ruffians come thieving around here with nobody on the farm but four defenseless women!"
Character #2: "I shudder to think of it!" Friendly Persuasion, guessed by Marie

10. "We gotta do something about the car. The only thing it does faithfully for us is break down." Facing the Giants, guessed by Teddy

11.  "A basket?  What would we want with a basket?  We've little enough to put in it." North and South, guessed by Teddy and Hanne-Col

12. "Three days he has been in the neighborhood and still he shuns us!  I say it is all your father's fault!  He would not do his duty and call-- so you shall all die old maids!" Pride and Prejudice, guessed by Marie, Teddy, and Hanne-Col

13. "You look like two marshmallows trying to get out of a hotwheel!" Flywheel, guessed by Marie

14. "I may not be a gentleman, but I am a man."

15. "All right--I'm not screaming. We will talk about this calmly and rationally. (yelling) You can't marry her; you'll ruin everything!" Parent Trap, guessed by Lilly

16. "Happy when she gets it, sad when she reads it." Chrissa Stands Strong, guessed by Bethany

17. Character #1: This isn't gonna be a highway interchange. This is the nothin'est nothin' I ever saw.
Character #2:  Maybe there's oil under here. Maybe we're floating on a gusher and don't even know it.
Character #1: There's no oil under here! What we are floating on is the parking lot repaving fund, the parish renovation fund, the organ fund... What the Deaf Man Heard, guessed by Hannah

18. Character #1: Now, let me see... There's the large carpet in the main hall- Clean it! And the windows upstairs and down- Wash them! Oh yes, and the tapestries and the draperies...
Character #2: [interrupting] But I just finished...
Character #1: [interrupting] Do them again! And don't forget the garden. Then scrub the terrace, sweep the halls and the stairs, clean the chimneys. And of course there's the mending and the sewing and the laundry... Oh, yes, and one more thing. See that [the cat] gets his bath." Cinderella, guessed by Teddy

19. "Reason?  Reason only means what someone else has got to say!  I can't talk reason when I have a mind to-- and I have a mind to now!" Cranford, guessed by Mama

20. "You must never, never clear your throat!" Rigoletto, guessed by Lilly


Marie said...

9. Friendly Persuasion? : )

12. Pride and prejudice?

13. Flywheel.

I know number 8 is from some Austen movie, but I can't place which one.

Hanne-col said...

1. Wives and Daughters

2. Amazing Grace

11. North and South

12. Pride and Prejudice?

Teddy said...

Ha, I recognized most of my favorite movies. ;-)
2.) Amazing Grace
4.)Mirimax's Emma?
5.)That Darn Cat
6.)Is that Kit?
10.)Facing the Giants
11.)North and South
12.)Pride and Prejudice
AAAHHH! #8 is driving me CRAZY! I know that I know it.... =-D

Teddy said...


Rosebud said...

Hehehehe!!! :D

Lilly said...

8. Sense and Sensibility
15. Parent Trap
20. Rigoletto (sp?)

Hannah Banana said...

17 is What the Deaf Man Heard.

Mama said...

# 3 Incredibles, #7 Persuasion, #19 - martha in Cranford

Emily said...

David said that 14 is from Luther

Melanie said...

Sorry David-- guess again! :-)
(You guys watched this movie recently!)

Bethany A. said...

#16 is from Chrissa Stands Strong. :) And I could say what 14 is, but I'll wait till Emily guesses again (or was it David? :)).