Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"I, even I, am the Lord; and beside Me their is no Saviour" (Isaiah 43:11).

A recurring theme in these chapters is the fact that God is God-- the only God-- and deserves our utmost love and praise. Over and over we read about the supremity of God over all else, and of the vanity of manmade "gods". There is one God and He deserves our worship and adoration. Of course, this is a fact we generally agree with in word, but how often we fail to apply it! Our sinful nature rises up and says, like Babylon, "None seeth me... I am, and none else beside me" (47:10). We set ourselves up above all else, follow our own desires and ideas, try to rule ourselves and please ourselves. In following our own pursuits, we leave God and others behind in the dust. Shame on us! There is one God-- JEHOVAH-- He deserves our service, love, and worship. He deserves first place in our hearts. We need to make Him the goal and center of our lives and not allow anything-- friends, family, entertainment-- to take His place. May He rule on the throne of my heart!

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a recent story highlighting the regathering of a sizable group of people at the ruins of the Athenian temple to worship the Greek gods. When I saw that story, I considered the fact that these people are worshiping those who failed to defend their own temple and name.

After reading this post, I recognized that some of these people may have the excuse of ignorance, but we certainly do not! How then dare we fail to worship, honor, and glorify Him whose temple we are?