Thursday, September 11, 2008

Someone's Watching!

Dr. S. M. Davis has an excellent message about "The Kingdom of Your Influence". He compares one's influence to the kingdom over which he rules. Each of us influences someone-- we cannot turn our influence off, no matter how hard we try. There is always someone who is watching us and who will learn from what we do or say. This can be good, or it can be bad. If we are living for Christ, hopefully we can influence others to desire to live for Him too. But if we are walking in disobedience to God, maybe someone will say, "Oh, well, if she does it, I guess I can too!" and displease Christ.

This week some friends from Indiana came to visit. We met them when the father was serving as an interim pastor at a church we used to go to, and have kept up a friendship with them even after they moved. They have a little girl named Kaylyn. Kaylyn was three when I met her and is almost seven now. Kaylyn's and my relationship is very unique. I am ten years older than her, at a completely different stage of life, and yet she considers me her "best friend". She writes me letters and loves to have me read to her and play dolls with her when we get together. It's so fun, not only for her, but also for me! There is one thing that I have to keep an eye on: that is, what am I teaching her by my example? Do I teach her to be unkind to her siblings when I get exasperated at my own sister about something? Or do I teach her to be like Christ and show love towards others by showing love myself? Do I teach her to want to do her own thing and not listen to authority? Or do I, by submitting myself, teach her the joys of submission? Do I influence her to seek things of this world? Or do I encourage her, by my example, to seek the things which are above? Since she looks up to me as a best friend, she will want to do what I do. She's watching me-- does she me following Christ?

Then the situation reverses when it come to the friendship between Kaylyn's mom and myself. Mrs. Hadley has been such an encouragement to me and is an example to me of the godly lady I want to be. Because she has been careful to reflect Christ and be an example of the believers, I have been influenced by her to desire Christlikeness myself. She and I write back and forth too, and her letters are always so encouraging. There are ladies at church, too, like her that I am blessed to know. I watch them and see how they respond during circumstances, how they relate to their husbands, how they work with their children, and so forth...
We all influence someone. We must watch to make sure that we influence them to seek Christ
rather than to live for themselves. Think as you go about your day today-- someone's watching!


Anonymous said...

It can be scary, thinking about all of the people who are watching us and learning from us, but it's good for us to remember that. Thanks for the reminder!

Miss Toria said...

Wonderful post Melanie!!! That's something I need to be thinking about all the time....there's an 8-year-old that comes to our fellowship, I've known her since she was born but there's major differences....such as she goes to public school, loves all the stuff about Hannah Montana and High School Musical, and well, you can guess the rest. She's a typical school kid even though her family is Christian. I think it's hard for her to realize that by liking all that stuff, she really is being changed to the world. The only time she really SEES a girl living her faith would be the time we have together on Saturdays. Even the other girls that come sometimes go to private or public school and they act like, well, school kids that are influenced by the world. It's hard on me and it puts a LOT of pressure knowing that I'm the only chance they have to be influenced by Godliness! But sometimes I feel like they AREN'T watching, and it's hard to be the only one around who really CARES about their faith, even though all the girls (minus one) are all younger than me. They look up to me, I know, but sometimes you wonder if they're REALLY getting the message you're trying to show, you know?

Anyhow, thanks for sharing. ^_^

Love ya,