Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wanted: Information on 17th Century England

I have recently been formulating a new story in my mind, set in the day of King Charles I (during the Eleven Year Tyranny). If you know where I can get information on
  • King Charles I
  • Life in 17th century England
  • History of Puritanism

would you comment and let me know? (I prefer for the information to be written from a Christian perspective.) I have borrowed some resources from our tiny town library but would like to study it as much as I can so the story can be as accurate as possible! (That is one of the things I look for most in a historical novel!) Thanks!


amy said...

No great info here, but your story sounds neat! Best wishes! Amy

Melanie said...

Thanks for your well-wishes, Amy! I told Juli more about the story in my email to her, if you'd like to read it! :-)