Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Elements of the Great Commission

My most recent lesson from IBE (Institute of Biblical Education, from Bob Jones, taught by Mark Minnick) was about the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:1-20. It was so convicting and exhorting to me to fulfil God's purpose for me as well as for all his followers: to "make disciples" of the nations. I wanted to share some of what I learned.

The four verbs in the Great Commission in Matthew 28:1-20:

  1. Teach. This is the Greek word matheteuo: to disciple. Therefore, this word is properly rendered, "make disciples".
  2. Going. The word "Go" is actually not an imperative, believe it or not. The Greek word is in participle form, therefore is signifies "going", or "as you go".
  3. Baptizing. Baptism doesn't "get you saved", but it is the response of one whose heart is changed by the Holy Spirit, and is when a new Christian outwardly identifies himself with Christ. (It is often a huge thing in other cultures because the Christian is signifying to his lost relatives and friends that he is utterly leaving behind his old life and beginning is new. It often is the determining factor for persecution!)
  4. Teaching. This is a different word than the "teach" in verse 19. This is the Greek word didasko, which means "to instruct in doctrine".

Another thing Pastor Minnick pointed out was how the Great Commission includes EVERY believer of ALL times. That means me, a disciple of Jesus Christ. My commission is to be an extension of Christ's-- to introduce souls to the kingdom.

"The great design and intent of the Christian ministry is to restore the throne and dominion of God in the souls of men."
-Cotton Mather


Rosebud said...

Mark Minnick's lessons are so provoking!!! (As in, provoking to love and good works. ;-))

ju said...

We were just talking about yielding last night in devotions! Thanks for the verse! :)