Monday, January 26, 2009

King of the Jews

Yesterday Pastor preached a message about Jesus portrayed as King in the Gospel of Matthew. It was a wonderful message so I decided to share the notes with you.

King of the Jews
Text: Matthew 1-13
A. This King is authentic (Matthew 1-4)
  1. He is history's focus (chapter 1)
  2. He is prophecy's fulfilment (chapter 2)
  3. He is humanity's forgiveness (chapter 3)
  4. He is eternity's flawless one (chapter 4)

B. This King is authoritative (Matthew 5-12)

  1. An exposition of kingdom life (chapters 5-7)
  2. An expression of kingdom hope (chapters 6-11)
  3. An exposure of kingdom rejection (chapter 12)

C. This King is at work (Matthew 13)

  1. A mediated kingdom recognized
  2. The mystery kingdom understood

It may not make as much sense just written out, as Pastor takes several minutes to explain each point. But I hope it may serve as an outline for you all next time you read through Matthew, to see Jesus as the King!


Rosebud said...

It is worth me listening to again, since I was so absolutely tired during that service...=S I need to read over my notes again.

Anderson Family said...

That was a wonderful message!!:)-bethany

Teddy said...

Wow, wasn't Sunday AMAZING??? All of the sermons were HORRIBLY convicting! Some people don't like his preaching because he applies it, but I think that's silly. I'm such an idiot I wouldn't know what do do with what I heard if he didn't break it down practically so often. I suppose that's what people don't like: accountability! You can't plead innocence and say you didn't understand - unless of course you fall asleep...... :p
Oh! Melanie dear! I'm missing you and your sisters! I mean, I see you pretty regularly once a week, but as much as i like big groups of friends, I really miss that one on one interaction!!!!!!!!!
Love ya!

Melanie said...

Aw, Teddy, you're so sweet! I've been missing you too.
Yes, Sunday was amazing. How could anybody not like Pastor's preaching? It may sound funny, but I appreciate the accountability. I am glad I am not left to myself to follow my own foolish course.
Miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you!!! Wish we lived closer... :-( waaahhh :-)