Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sneak Peak at January-March 2008 issue of the Tuckleberry Times!

Lord willing, the next issue of the Tuckleberry Times will be going out via email, and I thought I'd give you all a sneak preview of it!

Tuckleberry Times, January-March 2008
By Grace
A beautiful salvation testimony from Ashley Bollinger

I Am Like a Vessel
A thought-provoking poem by Paul Russell

Science Speaks: How Can We See the Stars? Part 2
An interesting study by Jeremy Maurer, about how starlight reaches the earth

A Word from the Word: Will You Be Satisfied With What God Gives You?
A lesson on the blessing of a relationship with God over material blessings

Send the Light to Cambodia
A look into the mysterious Southeastern Asian country and its need for the Gospel

An introduction to a three-family team serving/preparing to serve the Lord in Cambodia

A convicting article by Marie about true, lasting contentment

Christian Heroes: Adoniram Judson
An overview of the life of the famous American missionary to Burma, written by Melanie Anderson (a.k.a. me :-) )

Readers Page
Sketches and paintings from our readers

If you do not recieve the Tuckleberry Times and would like to, please drop me a comment and give me your email address; and I will add you to our list when I send it out. (I will not publish any comment with someone's email address.)


Rosebud said...

I get to read it first!! :P

mamaof13 said...

Have you sent it out yet?
If you have, I don't think we have gotten it.
Hannah R.

Melanie said...

I resent it to you after I got your comment-- did you get it?