Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pure Little Ladies Ministry's First Issue!

Pure Little Ladies Ministry has just published the first issue of their online magazine for girls. There are some great articles about modesty, godly living, recipes, and so on. Feel free to go over and check it out!


Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

Awww, thanks for putting this up, Melanie!! ^_^ I was nicely suprised when I came home to about 19 comments on PLLM...all from you and Rosebud!! lol (please thank her for me!!!) Hopefully other girls will come along and read the articles and enter the contests (I really want to get some buisness for Miranda and Heaven's Hooks Crochet!)

Lotsa Love (and happy new year!)

Melanie said...

You're welcome, Toria! I too hope that it will bring in some business for you as well as Miranda and Heaven's Hooks. :-)

Again, your mag is great!


stephanie12 said...

hey, sorry I haven't been here for awhile!! I'll have to check out that magazine that your friend put out! sounds like it will be good.:-) See ya!