Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Tag :-) They're so much fun :-)

I am: a wretched sinner saved by God’s grace

I think: God’s ways are absolutely amazing!

I know: that I am safe and secure in Christ—nothing can harm me

I have: lots of books on my bookshelf, and tons more on my wish list

I wish: I had some children to babysit! And that I had some kind of income

I hate: that fleshly nature that hangs on and continually tries to trip me up. UGH!

I miss: the Hadleys

I fear: being “left to myself”

I feel: like this has been the most traumatic year of my life

I hear: Beth and Amanda playing Vivaldi!

I smell: nothing just now, but earlier Mommy was grilling chicken, and oh my! Did it smell good!

I crave: holiness

I search: the Scriptures—it is they which testify of Christ

I wonder: what God has planned for me in the next couple years

I regret: not establishing a good relationship with my younger sister from the start

I love: my family—physical and spiritual!

I ache: when I think of Leah, Harrison, and Sophia, and their family :-(

I am not: hopeless or despondent

I believe: God’s promises of salvation, of sanctification, of His presence, and all His other awesome promises!
:-D Woohoo!

I dance: Jane-Austen style—with my sisters

I sing: for God’s glory, I hope; usually harmonizing with my family, but sometimes solo

I cry: about everything, from tragedies in the family to happy endings in a movie to beautiful music

I don't always: respond as Jesus would

I fight: my sin nature

I write: everything, all the time!! Novels, stories, poems, essays, blog posts, everything!

I win: Hand and Foot if I’m playing with a good partner

I lose: “Who’s the Tallest?”

I never: go through a day without quoting Austen and Gaskell

I always: try to spend time with God in the morning

I confuse: pink and yellow. Strange, huh?

I listen: to Christian music and soundtracks

I can usually be found: on my computer, reading a book, sewing, or talking

I am scared: of fire and electrical storms!—I was getting better about it until May, when the Wagoners’ house caught fire in a T-storm

I need: Jesus—every hour! Every moment!

I am happy about: this school year being my last! (In grade school that is)

I imagine: with every spare moment I have!

I am wearing: my John 3:16 shirt from the Creation museum. I was last time I did a tag too.

I look forward to: growing in Christ and glorifying Him with my life—and publishing a book, getting married, and having kiddos of my own

I tag: whoever wants to participate!


ju said...

That's a neat tag!

Rosebud said...

Ooh, I like it!

Rosebud said...

BTW, I've tagged you.

Alaina said...

That is neat, Melanie! It's a different one.

Bethany A. said...

Can I do it?

Melanie said...

By all means, my dear sister :-)