Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hi :-D What a Name for a Post! :-P

Just wanted to drop a note and say "hi". :-) We're housesitting for some friends in Holmes County this week and have to use their computer, since they don't have wireless internet. Plus we'll be busy with VBS and such so I won't have much time to post.
But the Lord is teaching me things, and He has been sending special answers to prayer. Being down here for the week is an answer to prayer in itself. We had wanted to help with VBS, but didn't think we'd be able to because of the long drive. Well, a month or so ago, the S. family said, quite out of the blue, "We're going to be out of town from [such and such date to such and such date; what day is it today anyway?] and you're welcome to stay at our house that week." We looked at each other. "That's the week of VBS, isn't it?"
So here we are, and praising the Lord for knowing our needs and supplying them.
Another special answer was a little more material, but still very, very exciting. I had been praying for a way to make a little extra money because there were so patterns I wanted very much to buy. Well, in the meantime, I posted pictures of my Romantic Era dress on the forum, and Mrs. Chancey liked it so much that she included it in her most recent e-newsletter. Then I got an email from her, saying that I got a gift certificate for Sense & Sensibility patterns, because she had featured me in the newsletter!! Isn't God good to fulfil even those small desires of our hearts? :-D
I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. <3


ju said...

That is so neat how God works all those little details out! I hope you can come stay at our house @ least ONE night!

Amy said...

Praise the Lord! I love it when He answeres those little details only I feel so selfish and unworthy! I echo Ju- come stay with us!!

Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

Oh how SPECIAL!!! I know, I knew you would be thrilled to see your pic at the bottom of the e-letter!! -_^ You did a beautiful job....

I'm practically done with my "View A" dress, the overlay is completely finished and now I just have to hem the bottom of the underdress and then zigzag the raw stuff. It came out really nice, I'm very happy. ^_^ I'm so glad I sewed both separate!!!


Rosebud said...

That was awesome! ;)

I wish we could've stayed with you guys one night, Amy and Ju! :( Hopefully another time...