Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From Jim Elliot

Here is a bit of free-verse that I read in The Journals of Jim Elliot; I believe he wrote it.

What is this, Lord Jesus, that Thou shouldst make an end
Of all that I possess, and give Thyself to me?
So that there is nothing now to call my own
Save Thee; Thyself alone my treasure.
Taking all, Thou givest full measure of Thyself
With all things else eternal--
Things unlike the mouldly pelf by earth possessed.
But as to life and godliness-- all things are mine
And in God's garments dressed I am
With Thee, an heir to riches in the spheres divine.
Strange, I say, that suffering loss
I have so gained everything in getting
Me a friend who bore a cross.


Bethany A. said...

What a beautiful verse!

Teddy said...

Love it! I just can't understand how people can write things like that?? It's beyond me I must say. My poems are still on the level of "fox in a box". :) Well, okay, maybe not THAT bad.....but CLOSER than I care to share. :)

Amy said...

That is good. All tore away yet we still posess the greatest treasure of all. I have to think of that with moving.It's not what I think I'll lose but what I gain- not only in things but in what the Lord will work in our hearts through it all.

Your deliverance poem was perfect and well written, That is me! So caugt up in innocent things that steal my time...

And notes from those little kiddos- so cute! I have gazillions from the little ones and others I just love and want to put into a scrapbook someday.:)

Miss you and come stay with us soon ok?

Anonymous said...

You are moving then, Amy? :( It's hard to think of giving up everything we own here, but when you realize what you're gaining, and that you are being offered sonship and inheritance by the Creator of the universe...it really doesn't make sense to cling to things here. Oh, and I LOVE your new background, Melanie!