Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Christmas Miracle

My most recent poem! It really happened, but it was actually a couple nights ago, not last night. :-) May you be encouraged.

Last night I stood beneath the starry sky
So like that sky in Judah long ago.
A radiant light glowed 'round the half-lit moon,
Illuminating all the fallen snow.

Beholding then that peaceful, wintry sight,
I should have felt the joy it stirs within.
Instead I looked up to the sky and asked,
"Throughout my life, Lord God, where have you been?

"I've prayed and prayed for that soul to be saved,
And yet he hasn't turned to You at all.
And often when I come and try to pray,
I feel we're separated by a wall.

"Where is the peace and joy of which men speak?
Why is it, Lord, that people always say
That miracles take place at Christmastime?
I do not think they do, or every may."

These doubts did fill my heart like demon spies;
I wondered whether God was even there.
Alone in misery, I bore within
Those burdens never meant for me to bear.

I turned away from all that starry host
And came inside to mull over each thought,
And though I could not see it, there within
A battle of the heart was being fought.

But God is God, and Victor is His Name,
And through His Word He whispered to my heart,
"My child, I am your God, and yes, I have
Been working in your life right from the start.

"Perhaps the darkness veils Me from your eyes,
But darkness does not mean that I'm not there.
I am your refuge, and I'm always near,
So cast on Me your each and every care."

And as those words fell softly on my heart,
A seed of faith inside began to grow.
Emmanuel, "God with us", came to earth,
So we His love and presence now may know.

That moment as the stars peered in my room,
My failing, fleshly eyes began to see
A Christmas miracle of all the best:
Emmanuel, my Savior, God with me.


Teddy said...

Oh my word........that is so good!!! MELANIE!!!!! And WHAT a blessing!

Rosebud said...