Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Blogs to Read, Part 2

Today I am going to share with you another one of my favorite blogs,

The Blue Inglenook

The Blue Inglenook
is the photography blog of Leah Siefkes. Not only is Leah a wonderful friend of mine, but she is also one of the best photographers I know. She has amazing skill with her camera, and the best part of it is that she desires to use it for God's glory!

Leah's pictures capture the wildness and beauty of God's creation, the quiet warmth of home scenes, the loveliness and nostalgia of mid-western hometowns and farms, and the hidden beauty of small things. More than once, Leah's pictures have stirred me to praise the Lord for His awesome creative power and for revealing Himself to us in so many ways. Many of her photos instantly bring a Bible verse to mind about God's goodness and greatness.

I am sure you will enjoy viewing Leah's amazing photography and will be blessed as I have. These pictures deserve to be enjoyed by all! :-)


Leah said...

Oh my dearest Melanie!!! You have got to be the sweetest lady I know!! Thank you very much for this. I really appreciate it! Thank you for makeing a HUGE emphasis on the Lord for this post... You're amazing!


Check your mailbox!! :D

bethany anderson said...

I love this blog!! Leah's photography (and camera ;)) is awesome!!
I *also* recommend it to anyone reading this comments section!! :)