Thursday, December 3, 2009

Now That NaNoWriMo's Finished...

...I am back to my dear beloved Airborne!! Opening the document yesterday afternoon reminded me how much I had missed Jeff, Isai, Jessica, Roger, and all the other characters! I am now on Chapter 12, struggling as usual to get it to sound just right, but loving it all the same. Can y'all please pray for the writing of it, that the Spirit would give me the words to write and that it would effectively reach young people for Jesus?

I am also feeling the inspiration to work on The Marquis' Daughter again, though I need to put most of my effort into Airborne right now. I have decided I do much better writing adventure than daily life, however much I like to read and watch daily life sort of stories... ;-)

It's funny after doing NaNo, now I am trying to say things in as many words as possible to "reach my word count" and I keep thinking I need to copy my word count to my NaNo page to see my statistics. :-P Still need to finish that story too... I reached 50,000 words but there are still at least 25,000 left to go before I'm done with the story, but... Colombia calls! ;-)

And so does Bible class, so I had better get off and finish getting ready. ;-) TTFN- Tata for now!


Bethany A. said...

THREE CHEERS (AND MORE) FOR AIRBORNE!!! :D :D Get right to it Melanie, I'm right behind you!!:D


Gabrielle Renee said...

I am glad you finished in time, Melanie!! And you still need to write more to the story! :D I am also glad that you are working on Airborne! I really like that book!Not being able to read it is like being forced to stop reading a book that I am dieing to know what happens!

I am a much better adventure writing than I am every-day too... As much as I try.