Saturday, April 3, 2010


 I got this on Jason's blog.

What's Your FavoriteColor? green or purple... but my favorite color combo is green and pink, followed by blue and yellow :-D
Candy? I'm not much of a candy person, but I like M'n'Ms!! :-D
Main dish? hm.... Chicken Divan, stromboli, spaghetti.... I dunno!!
Dessert? ice cream :-)
Drink? coffee, chai tea, real lemonade (not the powdered stuff)
Veggie? mm.... carrots?

Do You
Go to Starbucks Coffee Shop?
Y-EAH!!!!  Of course I do!  But I don't usually get one, because it's usually Mommy and Amanda who get one, and then it's usually a plain coffee, which Starbucks plain coffee always gives me problems-- from the jitters to spilling it all over me! But I love flavored drinks from there. :-)
Go to the mall a lot? No, I don't like the mall.
Talk on the phone everyday to someone who is not family? No, I don't talk on the phone much at all. :-)
Read your Bible everyday? Yes.
Do lots of reading? Not as much as I should.  Sometimes I can go a couple days without READING-reading anything but my Bible.  Internet's fault. :-D
See your grandparents everyday? No, maybe once a week or once every two weeks I see my dad's parents.
Bake a lot? Almost never.
Clean your room everyday? Haha... you come in here and you tell me!! :-P  NO!
Have to say your sorry to someone everyday? I probably should... :-S

A Certain Thing You Dislike Of Each CategoryVeggie? turnips ("I hate turnips!") ;-)
Color? 70's orangey-yellow.
Drink? most kinds of pop
Animal? monkeys :-)

Do You Have A
Ohhhhh yeah!!!! :-D
Gift card at the moment? Yes.  I still have to finish off my JoAnn's gift card but I am waiting for the right fabric to go on sale. :-D
Sewing machine? YES! :-D
Big mess under your bed? You bet! :-D
Pack of gum in your bag or purse? Yeppers!  Two packs!  One is berry-flavored, the other is spearmint.
Computer in your room? On my lap this very moment! :-)

Have You EverBeen on a plane? of course
Been out of state? I go out of state all the time! :-P
Been out of the country? Yeah... to Canada! :-S
Been in a eight-teen wheeler? I don't know if I have....
Been in a car accident? a minor, itsy-bitsy one
Read about a hundred and fifty page book in about an hour? Probably...

Your Favorite Place ToGo shopping? JoAnn's!
Eat out? Cracker Barrell, and I just discovered last night that Shake 'n' Steak is really good too! :-D
Go visit? Indiana!  and Georgia. :-D
Read a good book at? The swing outside

RandomWhat color is your room? pink and green
How old are you? eighteen :-D
What year were you born? you do the math :-)
Are you related to anyone important or famous? it is said that we are related to Robert E. Lee, who was related to Helen Keller, who was related to George Washington, so if we are indeed  related to Robert E. Lee, then, yeah! :-D ;-)  And our cousin Patrick O'Conner was pretty well known in London.
Have you ever met a vice president? No, but I've seen a president before :-)
Are you getting bored yet? no, I love these things.
What are you thinking? that this summery weather is lovely! Oh and Mommy is going to heat up our last rhubarb pie!!! :-D

Who You Will TagTHANK YOU FOR NOT SAYING HOW MANY PEOPLE I NEED TO TAG!!!!!   This is open to all who wish to do it. :-)


Anonymous said...

What is Chicken Divan??? Since your family makes REALLY good food, I though perhaps it might be a recipe I would like? Would you mind to share? : )

Melanie said...


I would love to send you the recipe, but I am going to have to have my mom write it down first... Like with most things, she doesn't measure and does it mainly from memory. :-P I know you would love it though, so I hope to get that copied and sent to you soon! :-)