Wednesday, April 15, 2009

God at the Controls/ When Things Seem Impossible

Paul commended Steve for the neat landing he had made in spite of the rough wind and difficult runway. They began to taxi back to the trail which led to the village.

"Man, this doesn't feel right," Paul remarked, not seeing any Indians around where they usually parked the plane. No sign of the Cains either, in spite of the radio call made en route...

Steve swung the tail of the airplane around and was shutting off the engine as Paul said again, "Steve, something doesn't seem right to me. There's nobody here."

"Here they come!" Steve announced.

Paul looked under the right wing down the trail to where people normally came, and said, "I don't see anybody."

"No, the guerillas!"

Then he saw them. Two were coming toward them from the front, out of the jungle, and two were coming from behind. There was no escape.

The year is 1985. Tim and Bunny are ministering among the Puinave people in a village called Morichal, in the Amazon River Basin area of Colombia, when one day strange Colombian men, donned in camoflauge and armed with guns, appear on their doorstep. They are the F.A.R.C. (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia), a Colombian Marxist guerilla group. Tim is forced by the guerillas to call in the missionary pilots to fly him out-- all the while it is a trap for pilots Paul Dye and Steve Estelle!

Separating the missionaries, the guerillas have Paul fly them to one of their small jungle bases while Steve, Tim, and Bunny are held at Morichal. Here the Lord deals patiently with his children, and they must learn to wait on Him and trust Him to do the absolute Impossible!

God at the Controls, now entitled When Things Seem Impossible, is a true account of God's amazing power in the lives of His children in a very troubled part of the world. Written by Jean Dye Johnson and published by New Tribes Mission, it is an inspiring testimony of the power of the God of Creation in spite of the powers of this world. When God's children allow Him to work in their hearts, and when they trust their lives to Him in complete faith, He shows Himself strong above all that they could ask or think. You will read with baited breath as you see God close the eyes of the enemy and aid in a miraculous escape from the powerful guerilla forces, and you will put down the book with a new confidence that we do serve the God of the Impossible!


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