Friday, April 10, 2009


Storms arise and fears assail,
Men may speak and men may fail.
Secret sessions, two-faced friends,
Few beginnings, many ends.

Battered, beaten, blown about,
Trapped 'til you could scream and shout--
You may stranded feel to be.
Light and hope you may not see.

Groping, grasping, seeking light--
What is wrong and what is right?
Wait in silence, heart; be still!
Cast yourself on Heaven's will.

Trust in God, O fearful heart.
He your path of life will chart.
Do not fear the tangled way;
Cling to Him, for He is Day.

Better than to trust in man
Is to trust the Master's plan!
Look, therefore, unto the hills--
Fearful, lonely hearts He stills.

P.S. I hope the overload of poetry isn't tiring to my readers. Some time back, I was writing poetry very frequently (before I started this blog) and then, for some reason, went through a "dry" time where I just wasn't "feeling the rythm" ;-) ) Recently, however, as I again find material things unstable and am ever needing to cling more to the Lord, He has been filling me heart with rhyme again, giving me songs that stem from the root of life's circumstances and spiritual relationship. So I wanted to share it with you. Personally, I often find it easier to share my heart in verse rather than in prose. May you be encouraged to read it as I have been to write it.


Your Mama said...


Teddy said...

Thank you, and never be afrais to share! Incidentally....I'm greatly tempted to take some of your poetry and put it to music...hmm, we'll have to think about that, won't we?

Melanie said...

I think that's a marvelous idea! I've tried, but my chord progressions are always the same and it can be aggravating. :-) Hey! It's an excuse for us to get together... :-D

Teddy said...

Ooo! I didn't think you'd say yes! Goody! Do you have any with a chorus? Hmmm, I like this very much...when shall we start? This is great, we'll have to make a cd when we're done-with the trios that Beth and 'Manda and I play, and stuff like that!Fun-fun-fun!
It's kinda silly, the other day I was agonizing over words to a song and it wasn't flowing very well, but, as soon as I'd have even one line done, I'd know exactly what the music would sound like! Methinks McMel that we shall become a great team, like...Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes, Bugs and Daffy, and all those other sophisticated actors!:) :) :)
Can you tell I'm getting a little crazy??????He-he-he-he-he-he-he!!!!

Melanie said...

Good gracious, Lady Teddalina, thou really art of most hilariosity! However, me thinks I must admit, the name of Laurel and Hardy hath never come to these mine ears... yet all the following hath.
Speak thou unto thine mother and beseech her to have us to thy humble abode and we shall together contemplate a tune to put to mine words of poetry.
Aye, I canst tell that thou art feeling somewhat crazy, but forgiveness is granted thee! :-)

Ana said...

Beautiful words Melanie, nicely done.

Teddy said...

Laurel and Hardy are comedians from around the 1930's or maybe even earlier-pretty corny but still, some of Weston's favorite quotes are from them. I just had a most wondrous thought that methinks thee shall enjoy. What if, when the guys have their outing, we had a girl night?????Either my mom could bring me to your house and leave me for the weekend or your mom could come with you and spend the night with us! It's brilliant-brilliant-brilliant I tell you!!!! We could do music, watch Cranford, do each others hair, I could give back-rubs all 'round, we could make cookies, take a nature walk or three, take pictures, discuss any number of things, and drink lots and lots of coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't that sound most wondrous?

Teddy said...

Well, doesn't it????

Melanie said...

Oh! :-P Sorry-- I thought I had answered that but I actually had forwarded it to Mommy.

YESSSSSSSSSSss!!!!! It's sounds like a PHENOMENAL idea!!! I say we start planning.... :-D
I'm berry excited!

Teddy said...

He-he-he! Yes, lets!

Chelsea Peterson said...

Melanie, I'd like to take you up on your offer of volunteering your poetry for Perfecting113, if that's alright with you. Would you mind sharing this poem with us for the June update?

Melanie said...

Chelsea, that would be great! You may definitely use this poem and any others that you think you could use. :-)

Chelsea Peterson said...

Your poem is up. =) Updates are not yet complete on the site, but they are underway! =D Here is the link:

Have a great week!