Monday, April 20, 2009

Today's Song of Praise

Today is such a beautiful, beautiful day. Outside, the sun has been for some time struggling to show its face, and only a few moments ago it finally broke out into a beautiful smile upon the budding world. Sitting in the living room near the front of the house, I can hear the wind whipping madly around the house, tossing the chimes and causing them to sing and dance in its hold. The trees wave back and forth, flaunting their huge, red, allergy-laden buds or their fresh green sprouts. The woods to the side of our house are painted in tones of yellow and green and brown, and the crab apple tree out our kitchen window is proclaiming spring as its pink leaves squeeze their way out into the world. All nature sings of a powerful, almighty Creator who is so great and yet so caring as to pay attention to each little detail-- each bud on each tree, each blade of grass, each grain of pollen-- each breath I breathe, each beat my heart makes, each sigh of contentment, each tug of grief or loneliness-- This is our God. So powerful. Yet so caring. So good. So faithful.

All nature proclaims,

"Praise Him! For He alone is worthy!"

If you are silent,

the very stones will cry out!


Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

Oh I LOVE your new profile picture!! Where'd you get that dress?! It's BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE IT!!! ^_^

just juli said...

Very beautiful description of a day only God can bring forth!

Sorry I didn't talk to you much on Sunday!! I wanted too afterwards but you were busy with lunch and we were going to somebody's house for dinner so we had to hussle!! Love you and looking forward to your letter!

Melanie said...

Actually, I made the dress. :-) Which I shall be posting about soon, Lord willing...

Don't feel bad! I understand. :-) Yes, the letter should be coming soon.... :-)

Leah said...

Wonderful wonderful!! It's all SO true! Thank you for the description of your day, it makes me happy. :)

And by the way, I LOVE YOUR NEW PROFILE PICTURE! Gorgeous!

Teddy said...

Ditto on everything!

Rosebud said...

That's great!