Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here is a fun tag I actually came across (was not officially tagged :-) ) I thought some of you might enjoy it and are welcome to participate if you wish.

What is your favorite...

Movie: Wives and Daughters

Movie Character: Molly Gibson (Wives and Daughters), Esther Summerson (Bleak House), Jefferson Smith (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)

Book: Christy (that’s just one of them :-) I really don’t have a favorite, if I were to name all the ones I love I would fill up this whole page!)

Book Character: Malcolm MacPhail, Laura Ingalls, and many, many more (favorite movie character and favorite Jane Austen character also apply :-) )

Jane Austen Novel: Northanger Abbey

Jane Austen Movie/Mini Series: A&E Pride and Prejudice (duh! ;-) )

Jane Austen Character: Elinor Dashwood, Edward Ferrars, Henry Tilney, Anne Elliot

Poet: Amy Carmichael

Poem: Hm… that I don’t know. I like the one “Tell me not in mournful numbers ‘life is but a passing dream’…I don’t remember the title or the author of that one; I think Tennyson?

Type of Music: Celtic/ mountain, and definitely Christian

Song: “Beneath the Cross” (by Keith and Kristy Getty), “Before the Throne of God Above”, "The Prodigal Son Suite" (I listen to all 12 minutes of it over and over again when I am sewing, and always cry at end-- 'Prepare a feast, for my son's alive!' :-D )

Quote: Far too many! I have an insatiable thirst for quotes, as you all know! I'll just have to post a new one that I haven't before... :-P “Peace is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of God.” -J. Oswald Sanders

Costume that you own: well, I’ve just started that collection so I’d have to say my own historical costume… my blue regency dress. ;-) But I like the white Regency gown of my dreams even better… :-D

School Subject: Home EcBook of the Bible: John, Romans, Genesis, Isaiah

Bible Character: I can’t stand this question. “Bible character” makes them seem like intangible fictional characters. I LOVE Jesus—not because He is a character in a book. He is my savior, He is my refuge and help in trouble, He is my Creator, He is my friend, He is my GOD! I do also love reading about Joseph (OT), because he was so pure, wise, forgiving… oh, and Abraham and David too!

Bible Verse: The Scriptures are so full of treasures! How can I only pick one? And who said I need only pick one? However, some that have greatly encouraged me are Galatians 2:20 and Psalm 34

Historical Time Period: Regency, Romantic (Wives and Daughters), 1850’s (North and South, Bleak House :-) )

Website: and all my friends' blogs

Hobbies: writing, sewing

Animal: mostly anything in the cat family, and I also love ephelants! (wrong spelling on purpose ;-) )

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