Friday, May 29, 2009

New Regency Gown!! :-D

First of all, I'd like to give praise to the Lord for the beautiful day He has given us. Not only was the weather beautiful-- rain in the morning, sun in the afternoon, now a thunderstorm approaching-- but also He has given me His presence and His promises, His love and His faithfulness. Just to know Jesus is enough to make any day-- even the darkest day-- beautiful.

One of the things I am grateful for is that He allowed me to finish my second Regency gown! I love it, even better than my blue one! Because....

It's all white! I LOVE white and have always wanted an all-white dress. In the pictures below I am wearing the blue sash that goes with my blue Regency gown, but technically it is all-white. I am planning on making sashes in a variety of colours to wear according to my mood. ;-)

I made this dress a little bit differently than the last one. One of my alterations was that I lengthened the bodice one inch. I didn't like how the last one had such a high waistline. The one inch made a nice difference and it gives the appearance of the late 1790's, early 1800's style more than the very high empire waistlines of the teens. Another feature that I altered started as an idea that I got watching "Sense and Sensibility" (Emma Thompson) the other day with the Ring girls. The costumes in that film were designed to reflect the late 90's, which is when Jane Austen would have written it. I noticed that many of the sleeves were 3/4 (the long sleeves that come down almost past the wrist are a feature of the early teens). Here is a screen still from the film. Note the 3/4 sleeves.
For my dress I cut down the sleeve-length to make them 3/4. Still a little longer than I'd like, but it was hard to judge by holding the pattern piece up to my arm.
One more alteration-- actually, it wasn't much of an alteration, really. With my blue dress (and this one) I had a hard time with the lacing. It's supposed to lace at the top and at the bottom, but then it gapes terribly. For my blue dress I used hook-and-eyes, and for this one I was going to, but only had one hook-and-eye left. :-/ So I decided to try lacing it! All I did was sewing the string through at intervals. What do you think? It doesn't gape, but do you think it might pucker too much?

Well, now you know all about my white regency gown! Next projects in mind?
  • Spencer jacket or pelisse
  • Mid-1800's chemise and corset
  • Wives and Daughters/Romantic era dress
  • Bleak House/1850's dress
  • 1950's jumper
  • some jumpers and pantaloons for some little girls
  • complete Anne of Green Gables ensemble for Amanda (when she has the money to buy the material herself... :-P )
Now, question for my friends from church:
Should I wear this to church on Sunday? I would like to wear it places, and since it's white, it will be cooler, but do you think it might draw to much attention... being all white, and of an "exotic" style? Please give me your honest opinion! I don't want to make a fool of myself. ;-)
To God be the glory! :-)


Leah said...

It's SO BEAUTIFUL! Dearest I love it!! You've done such a wonderful job. :)

Amy said...

What a great job Melanie! Your blue regency dress is neat but I do like this one much better since the waist line is lower! (more modest:) I like your colored sashes idea, that'll be fun.:) Tea parties, galivanting around... but not sure about church. Maybe with a more subtil sash? Miss you!

Melanie said...

I agree about a more subtle sash. Still would be a little nervous wearing to church.... I know! We need to plan some kind of tea party with you girls and maybe some of the other girls from church! Ah-ha! Seconds, anyone? :-)
Anyway, we'll see. Thanks for the opinion! :-D

ju said...

Its really pretty Melanie! I love the white w/ the blue sash! You did a good job! I don't dare wear anything white because I would ruin it... :(

Personally I don't think I would wear it to church...but that is for you to decide...

I like your long list of projects! You'll be busy! :)

Love juli

Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

WONDERFUL!! I LOVE it, I'll have to remember to add that inch when I make mine...

YES!! Thou MUST make a 1950's retro jumper!! I just made mine, and I LOVE it!! If you're using Simplicity's pattern, I used View C (the really flowy one) and it's really nice. I still need to get a zipper for it, I'm hoping to get one on Sunday so I can finish the dress in time for a graduation party I'm going to that afternoon. -_^

As for wearing it to church...hmmm...probably not. It's not like it would draw attention because of the material or anything but rather because you'd probably stick out from everyone because you'd be the only one in that style. -_^ Stuck in the 1800's, shall we say? jk! Just my thoughts can always toss my thoughts out since I haven't been to a "real" church in 5+ years. lol (we have a home church instead). I wore a midevil style dress once for a Purim party(the feast of Esther) and I felt like the odd duck out because no one else dressed up. =P lol!! So much for the unwritten rule that every girl MUST dress up as Ester if they want to go to a Purim


Melanie said...

That's kinda funny, about you dressing up for Purim. That would be loads of fun if everyone else was dressed up but...
I think I won't wear it to church, but I can wear it around home. ;-) And host girl's tea parties...
P.S. A 50's retro jumper would be much less conspicuous than a Regency gown! :-)

Ana said...

Oh, oh, oh. Beauty sighting!!! How lovely. You must feel absolutely Jane Austen-ish when you where it. :) You remind me of Elinor or MaryAnne. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks really good!
Did you get any good pictures of me on Tuesday, or do you want me to send you some pictures?
Hope to see you soooooon!
P.S. Or you can get one on Friday:)

Rosebud said...

How come everyone is saying not to wear it?? :) Though I probably wouldn't either. Fun reading all these comments!