Saturday, May 23, 2009

No Night There/ All My Tears

Here are some songs that have been going through my head since Leah's, Harrison's, and Sophia's deaths. They are very encouraging and uplifting as they remind me that Aunt Leah and the children are in a FAR BETTER place!!

No Night There
This is one of the songs that I played on the piano at Aunt Leah, Harrison, and Sophia's calling hours.

In the land of fadeless day
Lies the "city foursquare;"
It shall never pass away,
And there is "no night there."

All the gates of pearl are made,
In the "city foursquare;"
All the streets with gold are laid,
And there is "no night there."

And the gates shall never close
To the "city foursquare;"
There life's crystal river flows,
And there is "no night there."

There they need no sunshine bright,
In that "city foursquare;"
For the Lamb is all the light,
And there is "no night there."

God shall "wipe away all tears;"
There's no death, no pain, nor fears;
And they count not time by years,
For there is "no night there."

All My Tears

This is one that Mrs. Maurer, Christie, and Jesse have sung for us. I copied the words while listening to the MP3 recording Amanda got of them, so I may have gotten a few words incorrect. I highlighted in bold the words that always send a chill of excitement down my spine. :-) Perspective-changer! ;-)

When I die, don't cry for me;
In my father's house I'll be.
The wounds this world left on my soul
Will all be healed, and I'll be whole.

Sun and moon will be replaced
With the light of Jesus' face;
And I will not be ashamed,
For my Saviour knows my name.

It don't matter
Where you bury me.
I'll be home,
And I'll be free.
It don't matter
Where I lay;
All my tears
Be washed away.

Gold and silver blind the eye,
Temporary riches lie.
Come and drink from Heaven's store!
Come and drink, and thirst no more!

So weep not for me my friend,
When my time is at an end.
For my life belongs to Him,
Who will raise the dead again.


When I die, don't cry for me.
In my father's arms I'll be.
The wounds this world left on my soul
Will all be healed, and I"ll be whole.



Miranda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your cousins passing away. We'll be praying for you all. Love ya. MJ

Anderson family said...

I love "All My Tears"!!!!! That is such a wonderful song---thank you for posting it.