Sunday, May 3, 2009

This message is on a magnet on the Hadley's refrigerator. I read it while washing dishes:

He who plants a seed

beneath the sod,

and waits to see,

believes in God.

BTW, thank you all who have been praying for me here in IN. Honestly, I haven't been homesick at all, but have been having such a good time. I'm really in my heaven here. ;-) Not that I don't miss my family and friends, you understand. :-) But I'm not pining! The Lord has been teaching me so much. So thank you for praying for me, and please continue to pray that I will be diligent and helpful and, above all, keep my eyes on Christ. I love you all!


Amy said...

Melanie! I missed you in church this morning but so glad to hear you are enjoying your visit! What a neat opprotunity!:) I love your dress in that side bar picture. Is that the one you were working on when you were here?

Anonymous said...

I am glad your visit is going well! I hope it continues to be so; I love you!

Melanie said...

Good to hear from you!! :-) Yes, that dress is the one I had been working on; I finished it maybe three weeks ago... ?
Thank you for commenting! I love you too and miss you! <3

Rosebud said...

That's cool, Melanie. =)

juli said...

Love hugs and prayers! The lil kids sound so cute! :)

Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...