Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things That Will Become Sweet, Sweet Memories! (UPDATED!)


It isn't incredibly appetizing at the dinner table when...
  • Kaylyn coughs out a bunch of mucus from her throat
  • Hannah shoves a huge, huge piece of food into her mouth and lets what she can't chew drop out onto her plate
  • Daniel is sucking his thumb (as usual), and Pastor H. tells him to take his thumb out of his mouth, so he promptly starts rubbing his eye with his wet thumb instead
  • Hannah sneezes all over her plate
It cracks me up when...

  • Mrs. H told me of a book that her in-laws gave her when she got married, a book containing different family memories and terms. Here is one term. "Gravy: something between the cross and the ressurection." Explanation: One of Pastor H's brothers or himself-- she wasn't sure-- used to think that in "He Arose", it says, "Up from the gravy arose!"
  • Daniel asks something in an unclear way, and Pastor H jokingly turns it around to mean "I don't want dessert" or something like that, and Daniel says in the cutest way, "DAD-dy!!"
  • Hannah asks about 5 times on a day that is not dessert day, "Mommy, are we-are we having dessert?"
  • Daniel announces, "I LOVE potatoes!" when he is served some; the missionary says, "Do you like spuds?" Daniel looks at him for a moment, and then exclaims emphatically, "No, I do NOT like spuds!!"
  • I am listening to Daniel and Kaylyn playing in the living room while I seamrip. Daniel picks up a toy fun and says, "Ring! Ring!" Kaylyn answers, "Hello?" Daniel says, "Hi. Um, I want to marry you." :-)

(There are lots of more things, and I wish I could think of them if I could, but I can't.)

I don't know what to do when:

  • Kaylyn wants to play a game, Daniel wants me to play trucks with him, and Hannah wants to play dolls
  • Daniel wants to pretend he's my baby, and I have to tell him "when it's my breakfast, lunch, supper, nap, and bedtime!"
  • Hannah wants to play with a truck and Daniel yells, "NOOOOoooo, Hannah!"
  • Kaylyn goes bazurk over her marigolds coming up
  • Daniel comes to me with puppy eyes when I am playing dolls with Hannah and says, "But Melanie, you said you were going to play trucks with me, and you hardly even moved them around!"
  • Hannah sneezes in my face
  • One of the children wants me to read "Sam Gets Lost", "Cork and Fuzz", or "The Biggest Fish" for the-- what, tenth?-- time. :-)

Annoying? No. Tiring? No!


I LOVE THEM TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. H said they'll be in pieces when I have to leave... I think I will be too!


Rosebud said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! I'm, like, dying of laughter over here!!!

fiddleforever_bga said...

CUTTTTTEE!!! Hey, I witnessed the "HANNAH, NOOOOooo!!" thing on the phone! Hehe!:D

Your Dear Sweet Mama said...

Emotionalism is forbidden when I come to get you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hurry up and come over when you get home!
(That is a command:)

Ana said...

Oh, fun!!! It sounds like my job. :) Honestly, every. single. day. of the week is like that (only I'm holding a little boy all the time so I'm in a chair the whole time). Book reading, doll playing, listening to little things kids say! Ahhh, I just love it!

Melanie said...

And I will obey, so far as it is in my power! I miss you. :-( Glad you have a blog, though, that I can keep up with.
Sad that I missed the apple blossoms... Oh well. As long as I don't miss the recital... :-P

juli said...

That is GREAT! I know how ALL of that is w/ lil siblings! Aw you will miss them sooooo much!

Amy said...

Aw I love the pic of you with the kiddos Melanie! You must be having such a blast! I had to grin at their little kid manners at the table, and all begging for stories and play time! HOW FUN!Miss you but glad you're having such a great time. Little ones are priceless as are the memories they create!

Anonymous said...

One of the apple trees still have a lot of blossoms!

Toria said...

HAHAHA!! Awww what cuties!! You know I should do a post like that with the things my nieces/nephews say...