Saturday, May 16, 2009


"Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God
whose ways you may not understand at the time."
—Oswald Chambers
"When you cannot trace God's hand,
you can always trust His heart."

"To know God is to be in the secret place of all knowledge, and to trust Him changes the whole outlook surrounding mystery and seeming contradictions and unanswered questions, from one of doubt or fear or bewilderment, to one of hope. The unknown may be some lovely truth in store for us, which we are not yet ready to apprehend. Not to be intellectually certain of a truth does not prevent the heart that loves and obeys that truth from getting the goodness out of it, from drawing life from it because it is loved, not because it is understood."
-George MacDonald, The Lady's Confession, Chapter 40, page 230

“We must get away from the idea that deliverance from trial is the highest form of spiritual blessing. . . .
We learn more in a few days in the fiery furnace than we would learn in years out of it.”
-J. Oswald Sanders

"Difficulties afford a platform upon which He can show Himself. Without them, we could never know how tender, faithful, and Almighty our God is."
-J. Hudson Taylor

Trust is not seeing God's plan in the events of life, but believing it anyway. You cannot see and trust at the same time, because there is no need for trust if you can already see.
I can't see. I can't see why eighteen-year-old Megan Ripley was shot and killed by a careless hunter two years ago. And I can't see why my aunt's husband's sister, Leah, and her two children, Harrison (8) and Sophia (4) were killed in a house fire last night, leaving their husband/dad alone. This is when I really do need to trust... to rest in the fact that somehow, in all of this, God is in control, and He is good and wise... and Love. And for all that I don't know-- I must trust that God knows, and that He does care. If you have lost people like this, or gone through some kind of tragedy, you probably understand this feeling. It's heartbreaking. Oh God, help me to rest in Your wisdom and goodness when I cannot see what you are doing, or why.


Teddy said...

I'm praying.

juli said...

That reminds me of the song Abby Miller sings-I Believe to See. It is so hard to trust God when things just seem so cruddy and wrong and we can't see His plan, but it's there all along!