Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day Tomorrow

The Lord has been teaching me so much lately, and I have so much to blog. It's hard to decide what to write about first!! That's good though; I love when I have an overabundance of teaching from God's Word. Plus, I need to catch up from last week. ;-) So here goes:


Here's an exerpt from my journal today:

"Election Day is... guess what? Tomorrow! ... Let righteousness reign. Revive your people, Lord, and save souls. Give "we the people", as well as our leaders, wisdom, and most importantly, salvation through Your Son Jesus Christ. And, above all, prepare us and give us grace for whatever comes. What a beautiful thought that, no matter who gets the presidency, You will always be the same, and I will still be the same in You. Politics and economics cannot come in between You and me. Like Vika said in her post that I read yesterday, nothing, absolutely nothing, can seperate us from Your love, and if we truly believe that, we won't have room in our hearts for worry or fear...

... Whatever You alow I know You'll give grace to bear it and You won't be even one step farther from us than before. How wonderful to serve a constant, unchangeable God! You are the same now as You were when You made Your covenant with Abraham; You are the same now as when You parted the Red Sea and gave the children of Israel manna each day as they needed it; You are the same now as when You stopped the lions' mouths and brought Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego through the fiery furnace untouched; You are the same now as when You raised Jesus, Your Son, from the grave and when You changed the heart of a radical persecutor named Saul and made him one of Your greatest apostles. Almighty, Unchangeable God!"

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