Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Humor for Singles

Believe it or not, on a day like this, I was nevertheless unfortunately goofy and "creative" (I think it was my hideous nights sleep last night) and "Elinor Dashwood" is going to post something funny for once! At least, I thought it was funny. Not intensely edifying, though I guess it has an element of truth in it, for all it's "non-sensicality". :-)

I did something I often do with already-existing songs: revised them. :-D This morning I had already been seeing the two songs to the tune Ton-y-Botel ("Once to Every Man and Nation" and "O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus") and somehow this revision of the former came out (read it singing the tune in your head):

"Once to every man and woman
Comes the moment to decide,
Whom to love and whom to marry,
Whom to make the groom or bride.
Marriage is a great decision,
One you make for all your life;
When the choice goes by forever,
You have only one husband or wife."

Of course, there are exceptions, if you are a widow, or never marry, or something. But if you're not a widow and if you do get married some day, the point is this: You get one choice concerning marriage; make sure you make the right choice!

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my funny side! :-)


stephanie12 said...

HAHAHAHA!!! That is SOOO funny, Melanie! I like that.
Hey, hope we can see eachother soon!^_^

Rosebud said...

That is the FUNNIEST song!!

Melanie said...

Yes I hope so too... long time no see, btw!

Leahna said...

That is very amusing, Ms Dashwood

stephanie12 said...

oh, btw, I like the picture. :-P