Saturday, November 8, 2008

Note to Seamstresses and Historical Costume Lovers!

Jennie Chancey, from Sense and Sensibility patterns is now offering e-patterns at low prices, for several of her patterns, including her whole Regency collection! Please check out her site here!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Sense and Sensibility patterns: they are reproductions of costumes from bygone eras (Regency, Victorian, Swing, etc.) Many are very modest, beautiful, and feminine. If you always wanted to look like the Dashwood and Bennett sisters, or Miss Anne Elliott, you will love Sense and Sensibility patterns!

I have never made any dresses from Mrs. Chancey's patterns but a friend made the 1914 Afternoon Dress pattern for Amanda (Rosebud), which turned out beautiful! Now I am collecting materials to make a complete Regency costume!

Here are some pictures of Amanda in her Sensibility dress. :-)


Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

That's a BEAUTIFUL dress!!!

Go check out THIS site, Brielle makes the most beautiful dresses ever! Some are a little "low cut" but it's just amazing that Brielle actually MAKES such fancy dresses that look like they're right out of the Victorian movies!!


Miss Dashwood said...

Wow, she is a very talented seamstress!! It's amazing how some of these people can make a beautiful outfit by just looking at a dress in a movie or old painting!! (I can't. ;-) )

Tory (also know as Vika) : ) said...

Hi Miss Dashwood! Thanks for that post! I love those kinda of dresses, but I don't think that they will suite me very well cause I'm more of a tomboy! O well, I still want one, and I think I will make one (someday)! I have a hard time finishing sowing projects. : (

Teddy said...

I'm with Tory. Really like it, but i don't think I would ever get myself to wear it... although i just might!