Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Blogs to Read, Part 3

Today I am going to bring to you another favorite blog:

Marie's Musings

Marie's Musings is the blog of one of my friends from church as well as a columnist for the Tuckleberry Times. On her blog, Marie shares her adventures in novel- and screenplay-writing, homemaking, and growing in the Lord. Her articles are always very encouraging and challenging to me in my walk with the Lord, especially her recent article about "musings in the snow". She has some fun articles about projects she is working on, books she is reading, and life around the house for a graduated young lady with younger siblings. All topics are brought back to glorifying God through every aspect of our lives.

I highly encourage you to drop over at Marie's Musings. You will be blessed by what you read!

Note: You may remember seeing this blog at the address However, she recently moved to wordpress.

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