Friday, January 15, 2010

Make My Heart a Beth-el

Here's another one of my "Beth-el" poems! ;-) This is drawn from today's Bible reading in Genesis 28. I wrote it a few years ago.

Make my heart a Beth-el,
Make a holy shrine
That You may abide here,
Spirit all-divine.

Here let separation
'Tween my God and me
Be broken on my pillow,
I my God to see.

Angels, make your pathway
Cross above this place,
Open Heaven's curtains,
I to see God's face.

May my heart be open,
That my Lord may speak,
Comforting the weary,
Strengthening the weak.

Offer Your protection;
I will trust You, Lord.
Bring me back to Canaan,
By Your grace outpoured.

And when I awaken
And the vision's gone,
Still, Lord, let it linger
All my journey long.

And when I returning
Come across this place,
I shall give You worship;
I shall see Your face.

Make my heart a Beth-el,
Lord, for You, to be--
Where earth may see Heaven,
Time touch eternity.


Hanne-col said...


Gabrielle Renee said...

All it needs it a tune and it would be an excellent song! I really like it Melanie!

Rosebud said...

Wow, I like it, Melanie!