Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Investment Plans... ;-)

"This is not an expense. It is an investment!"
-Our Mutual Friend

As I am about to embark on selling doll clothes, and as I have been attempting to model my doll dresses on my 12-year-old doll and Bethany's 8?-year-old doll (with broken legs), I have realized that it just can't be done. So when my CD comes due in February, I am planning on taking out a little money on an "investment" which will help me, Lord willing, in my sales.

The problem is, what will go into that investment?

One thing is definite, though the quantity of it is less certain.Should I do one or two? With two, I could display Kirsten and my other investment in my room, and also use it to hold the dolls up for modeling instead of trying to balance them on their own.

As for my second investment.... don't laugh...
...I want get another doll. Not to play with-- stop laughing!-- this is an investment. I love Kirsten more than any other doll in the world, but she's my special friend, not a model, and her ratty hair and slightly pen-marked upper lip and other worn and used features will prove that. So I need to hire a younger doll to do my modeling. :-)

The question is, which one? I want one that can look contemporary for modern clothing and historical for historical clothing. Below are some of my ideas.

The new Rebecca doll. Isn't she just gorgeous? I absolutely love her looks, and while I don't know much about her story and anticipate that it is full of the usual attitudes against authority, sibling rivalry, and other not-that-great character traits, I do commend American Girl for creating a Jewish character! Judaism is an incomplete religion without Jesus Christ, definitely, and has really strayed from God, but the Jews are still God's chosen people and I think it's great that AG is supporting them.

Another idea is the Josefina doll. I have always loved Josefina's stories because, except for the fact that she is Catholic (which is mentioned seldom in the books), they are full of Biblical principles and even Scripture references, and they promote good character and family relationships, more, I think, than the other characters. Josefina isn't one of those rebellious characters who complains about her parents, grumbles about things not being fair, or sneaks behind authority's backs to do something she oughtn't be doing. At least, that I can remember. :-)
Besides that, Josefina is also a beautiful doll; I love her hair and eyes and skin tone and her dresses as well.

I know absolutely nothing about Ruthie (I've never even read the Kit books, only skimmed them) but the doll is very pretty and her dress is WAY cute! :-) I could probably use her for either historical or modern. Isn't she precious? :-)
I could also get some of the "Just Like You" dolls (though they wouldn't be just like me. ;-) )

This one is cute, though I don't know whether she could pass as historical even if I dressed her up. :-/ What do you think?

This girlie is ever so cute!! She looks a little bit like Ruthie except she has a different eye color and presentation dress. If I got her, I would call her Molly Gibson because she has curly dark brown hair. :-) She could pass for both modern and historical, I think.
Finally, AG is having a little "contest" for their new 2010 doll, Lanie. I'm not exactly interested in Lanie, but if I could get her for free, I definitely would use her!


What do you think I should do?

P.S. I forgot to mention, whatever I get I would like to pack away eventually to save for my little girl, if I ever have one! :-)


Anonymous said...

I like Rebecca and Ruthie! I think your idea is a great one, too, Melanie! A fun investment, I must say. :)

Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

Josephina is waaay awesome, she has by far my favorite doll hair. lol It's NOTHING like Kristin's...

...btw, since you've been posting about doll clothes you've inspired me to get out MY Kristen (poor dolly's hair is falling our!) and I came up with a Addy dress. Looks pretty good for not having a pattern and coming up with it from scratch, but I want to try another one....hmmm...


Teddy said...

As far as looks go I deffinitely cast in my vote w/ "Molly", though the first girl-Rebecca- is very pretty too. But those are just personal opinions, I know that you shall invest in the best one. One thing about the girl w/ straight hair and Josephina is that I don't know their hairstyles will translate very well to differant time periods and such. But whatever. I expect pictures of the new arrival the very MOMENT she comes!!!

Teddy said...

Sheesh, now you're making me want a doll so I can get cool clothes from you. :-( *Wham* *Wham* *Wham* (I'm beating down my jealous feelings! ;-P)