Sunday, January 2, 2011

30-Day Challenge, Day 1

A Favorite Song

Frankly, I don't have a 100% favorite song.... I have zillions! Well, not really, but I do have a lot. So I think I will do as Hannah (@ Life in My Own Words) did and list my favorites under a few different categories (selected by myself ;-) ) .

Traditional Hymn
You can look in my categories at various songs I've posted, and that will give you a general idea. I'm going to post one I haven't posted previously (at least, I don't think I have).

In Heavenly Love Abiding by Anna L. Waring

In heav'nly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear;
And safe is such confiding, for nothing changes here.
The storm may roar without me, my heart may low be laid;
But God is round about me, and can I be dismayed?

Wherever He may guide me, no want shall turn me back;
My Shepherd is beside me and nothing can I lack.
His wisdom ever waketh, His sight is never dim;
He knows the way He taketh, and I will walk with Him.

Green pastures are before me which yet I have not seen;
Bright skies will soon be o'er me where darkest clouds have been.
My hope I cannot measure, my path to life is free;
My Savior has my treasure, and He will walk with me. Amen.

Contemporary Hymn
Again, I've posted several favorites (lots by the Gettys!) but here is another one I particular like. We sang it in church today so it's on my mind anyway. :-)

O Great God by Bob Kauflin

O great God of highest heaven,
Occupy my lowly heart.
Own it all and reign supreme,
Conquer every rebel power.
Let no vice or sin remain
That resists Your holy war.
You have loved and purchased me;
Make me Yours forevermore

I was blinded by my sin,
Had no ears to hear Your voice,
Did not know Your love within,
Had no taste for heaven’s joys.
Then Your Spirit gave me life,
Opened up Your Word to me;
Through the gospel of Your Son
Gave me endless hope and peace.

Help me now to live a life
That’s dependent on Your grace;
Keep my heart and guard my soul
From the evils that I face.
You are worthy to be praised
With my every thought and deed!
O great God of highest heaven,
Glorify Your Name through me!

There are three that get continual stuck in my head. "You Can Fly" (Peter Pan), "Rescue Aid Society" (The Rescuers) and "Part of Your World" (The Little Mermaid). But these aren't my favorite (particularly "You Can Fly" annoying!) I think my favorite is probably "Tale as Old as Time/Beauty and the Beast". "Bitter sweet and strange, Finding you can change, Learning you were wrong...." You know the lyrics. ;-) I like this one because it hits on the fundamentals of life, unlike many of the other Disney songs. A lot of the songs are full of "You're good, you've got it all together, you deserve better, etc." This one speaks of the beauty of change....when we admit we are wrong and allow God's love to work in us, He changes us and makes us what we ought to be! It is truly a tale as old as time. I'm sure the songwriter didn't have that concept in mind when he wrote the song, but that's the message I get from that song. ;-)
Anyway, I do like "Part of Your World" (The Little Mermaid), "Once Upon a Dream" (Sleeping Beauty), and I get a kick out of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" (Mulan). ;-) I'm weird and kind of like the quiet, melancholy, 70's-feeling songs of The Rescuers too (and the "Rescue Aid Society" theme. ;-) )

I'd have to say "The Maldau" by Bedrich Smetana! (Sorry the song cuts off at the end of the video, but that has most of it). (It was the best arrangement I could find on Youtube. ;-) )

Oh! So many!!! Also, it changes over time. Without a doubt, James Horner is my favorite soundtrack composer, and here is one piece of his that I've recently fallen in love. It's "The Heritage of the Wolf", from Balto, and contains most of the themes from the movie, which are all lovely (very stirring ;-) ) .

That's takes care of most of the categories I listen to and enjoy. It would take forever to list all the songs I enjoy, though. :-)

Even if you aren't doing the 30-Day Challenge, perhaps you might comment and share some of your favorite songs?


Anonymous said...

Since I don't blog, maybe I will take your suggestion and comment ;-)
I'll just do 2 of your categories...
1. Hymn -
At the exact moment, I'm really liking the song, "I Need Thee, Precious Saviour"
2. Classical -
Bach's "Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude" is a grand old standby, but I like Vivaldi's Rain, and a host of others. Oh and a classical guitar song I love is "Cavatina".

Pepper Darcy said...

Oooh lovely! I *LOVED* the song from You Tube you put up! And I *love* the Mulan songs too :) Those were so fun! :)

I think I'll do this one :) Thank you for sharing!! :)