Friday, January 21, 2011

30-Day Challenge, Day 19

 A talent of yours.

Well, it seems kind of self-centered to write about a talent of mine.  :-P  But then, talents are gifts given by God, and everyone has talents to do different things for God's glory.

God has given me a desire to, and ability to, write, particularly to write novels.  I think he's given me that ability to write effectively (several people have told me something I wrote made them cry ;-) ) so my desire is to use my writing to change people-- to point them to the Saviour.  After all, since God gave the talent to me in a first place, it only makes sense to use it for His glory!  I also strive to use my writing to encourage people, through blog posts, emails, letters, and Facebook statuses.  There are so many hurting people who just need an encouraging word and I hope the Lord might use me to do that in my writing.

Now, by reading this post, you probably think I don't actually have a talent for writing because that was very, very short.  But it's kind of awkward to write about oneself. ;-)  You can read more about my writing by clicking the tag on this post, "books I am writing". :-)


Rosebud said...

See now, that wasn't so hard. ;)

Jason A. Hunsicker said...

I think I'm going to struggle with this one as well...God tells us we are to be humble, and yet to acknowledge the abilities He has given us, gives glory to Him. I think you handled it very well!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm a talented kind of person (I am an extremely uncoordinated doofis!!), but I can make people smile and laugh. I count it a blessing if I can just bring a smile to someone's day. =)

~ CG