Saturday, January 8, 2011

30-Day Challenge, Day 7

Five things you couldn't possibly live without.

  •  FOOD.  Neither could you.  (Sorry, I had to put that one first for effect. ;-) )
  • GOD.  And for more than one reason too.  Think about it.
    •  He created me.  Nothing exists without some intelligent mind outside of itself coming up with the idea and creating it.  I honestly couldn't live unless God created and sustained me.
    •  He loves me.  He is love.  If He was not, I would be gone a long time ago.  In His patience and goodness, He grants me life and forgiveness when I don't deserve it. 
    • He saved me.  He granted me His Holy Spirit.  This gives me peace and strength in the trials of life, hope of a future with Him, joy in His amazing unconditional love. "I could not do without Thee, O Savior of the lost." <3
  •  FAMILY IN CHRIST.  That includes my immediate family and those related not by blood but by Spirit.  We all need that encouragement we receive from brothers and sisters in Christ... insights others have had in their walk with the Lord, guidance from more mature Christians, encouragement during difficult times, and just the same love for Jesus Christ and the common factor of being sinners saved by the amazing grace of God.  I am so glad God did not leave us alone in our walk with Him but has surrounded us with people taking the same narrow way.
  • COLOR.  I love color.  More and more I love it.  I am so glad we don't live in a monochromatic world or one of those sci-fi places where everything is white.  I love blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, silver, gold, maroon, aqua, lavender, brown, turquoise.... <3 <3 <3
  • WRITING.  Whether it be on computer, or pencil and paper, or slate, or just in my own mind.  If I didn't have some avenue for my passion for writing and creating , I'm not sure what I would do. ;-)
 What about you? 

P.S. I have a "new look"! :-) :-) :-)  "Snip snip, here we go!"  I'll see if Beth can get a picture tomorrow so I can post it for you to see. ;-)


Anonymous said...

1. God - for all the same reasons as you said, Melanie. I think the Bible would have to be under this category, as God is the Word. Communication with God must be in this list as well.
2. Nourishment - we cannot live for God is we do not keep up our physical body.
3. Music - I think I would shrivel up and die if I could not be hearing, humming or playing music most all day long. Music is.... wonderful!
4. Family - As Melanie said, this refers to more than just blood-relations; my church family, extended church-family.
5. Nature - Basically the same as music!

Melanie said...

Oh yes! I'd have to second "music"-- well, all of them, actually. ;-) I am SO glad God gave us music!

juli said...

Ditto, ditto but I'd prolly add horses to mine. ;)
And I read down to your Balto I love Muk,Luk and boris....hehehaha!
Maybe we will get to see yall this weekend! :)

Melanie said...

Oh!! Are you going to be in the area? What day? I hope it works out, that would be great to see you!!